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Tutorial on how to gold leaf flower pots for festive St. Patrick's Day decor

Lucky Gold Leaf Flower Pots

St. Patrick’s Day isn’t a holiday where I traditionally go all out with decorations. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a festive piece or two around, and what is out has to be somewhat understated. (Nothing scarier than going to nose to nose with a fake leprechaun in the middle of the night!) As soon […]


Party Time Linky Party #33

It’s Tuesday again! Hope your week hasn’t been too bad – I hear that the rest of the country has been a bit chilly, and that there may have been a little snow involved in your week. If it makes you feel any better, the world almost came to an end here in Florida, as […]


Portable St. Patrick’s Day Good Luck Charm

The magic in an object is all about the story that is woven about it. My cousin, Eve, is such a master of making the ordinary extraordinary. For my daughter’s 5th birthday she painted a seashell with shimmery pink nail polish and gave it to Maddie and it was positively magical. When she gave it […]

Quick and easy best ever cream cheese frosting recipe

Best Ever Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

Frosting will make or break your cake. It’s true. How many grocery store or mass produced slices have you had where, in politeness to the host, you’ve scraped the frosting off so the rest was somewhat edible? Or asked for another slice because the topping was so good? In my world, more than I can […]


Party Time Linky #32

We’ve had another week go by–already!! Hope everyone had a pretty wonderful Valentine’s Day, however you celebrated. Here’s one last Valentine’s Day celebratory idea, mostly because I thought this Milk & Cookie free printable by Celebration Lane was pretty darn cute.   One of the crowd favorites from last week was this round-up of 20+ […]