Real Weddings: The DIY Bride

Recently, we attended a wedding of some very dear friends here in Florida. The bride and groom hosted the wedding themselves, and since both work in the non-profit field, most of the wedding had to be put together through their own hard work. Personally, I thought it was really neat to see the couple’s creative side come out and see the little personal touches they put on the details.

The invitations were a Frog Prince Creative piece, designed just for them! Thanks to Radiant Image Photography for the beautiful pictures.

All the bouquets were handmade by the bride — you couldn’t even tell they were silks at the ceremony! The service was held in a rose garden that was in full bloom, so there was no need for any additional floral arrangements.

The cake on display was just for display. They made a faux cake from foam and fondant for sake of tradition and pictures, and served from an undecorated cake in the caterer’s prep area.

The centerpieces the bride created had a magnificent effect when you walked into the dimly lit room. White branches arced out of glass vases filled with shimmering crystals and lit glowing spheres. Tea light votives and crystals hung from the branches and reflected onto the seaglass on the tables. The whole room had a beautiful candlelit glow.

It was great to watch the happy couple get the wedding they wanted by using some neat DIY ideas!

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