Three Bears Picture Preview

I am thrilled to finally start releasing the photos from Brennan’s second birthday party. Until I get my full set up, you can see a preview at Amy Atlas’s Sweet Designs blog!


  1. Paula, this party is INCREDIBLE! I’d say congrats on being featured on Amy Atlas, but honestly, congrats to her for being able to feature it. Soooo many fabulous details! I can’t wait to see your post with all the deets and pics!

  2. Paula! What an awesome party!! Love the idea! How did you come up with all of this?

  3. The party is amazing. Love all of the details and the pictures are fabulous!

  4. Beautiful party! Congrats on the AA feature. I’d love to know where/how you got those blocks with birthday boy’s name. And did you seriously make a table out of a bed? Stunning!

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