Pretty and Paisley 1st Birthday Party

I fell in love with paisley the minute Ashley handed me the designs. My love was deepened once I saw the beautiful work that Ellen from Whimsical Mod Parties did in styling her daughters Madeleine’s Dol Celebration.

So what is a Dol Celebration? In Ellen’s words:

“It’s a Korean tradition that celebrates the first birthday. It is a big milestone (long ago many babies didn’t make it to their first birthday) and is celebrated with a huge party called the doljanchi, sharing food and wishes for a long life and fortune for the baby.

The highlight of the party is a ritual where the child is placed in front of a table of foods and objects such as string, books, money and rice. The child is urged to pick up an object and is believed that the object picked will foretell the child’s future. For example, if the child picks up a book, she is destined to be a scholar. If she picks up money, she will be wealthy.If the baby picks up thread, she will have a long life and if she picks the bowl of rice she will have an abundant life.”

Such a neat tradition that adds another layer of gorgeous to this party! I just love everything Ellen designed from the dessert table…


to the Dol ceremony….

And all the decorations that created atmosphere in the party!

Ellen truly did not miss a detail! Visit her website to see the rest of these wonderful party pictures!

The paisley paper party items seen in her party are now available in pink or purple in the Frog Prince Paperie store.

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  1. Julie Brittsan says

    Love the Martini glass paper flower centerpiece. Looking for the directions on how to make the paper flowers…

  2. Terri Smyers says

    Have a ? – can you give me instructions on where to purchase the ribbon flower hanging thing (sorry don’t know how to name it) or how to make it. My daughter’s graduation party is June 8 and I so want to make that! Thank you! Your site is amazing!!!

  3. Ashley says

    The martini glass centerpiece is beautiful. I wanted to know if buoy had a tutorial for that exact centerpiece. I seen your instructions for the small Pom poms, but I wanted to know if you had directions for the martini glass paper flower.


  4. Melissa says

    Please ! I want to know about the centerpiece is beautiful !! How I can buy that exactly centerpiece please send me tha information

  5. Dawn says

    The party looks so precious! The pictures that are viewable look amazing. Unfortunately, many of the pictures didn’t load. Not sure if it’s my browser or not. Thank you!

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