Free Summer Fonts – A Tiny Bit of Typography

Summer is here and there is nothing quite like a few new free fonts to freshen up your design wardrobe…kind of like buying yourself a new bathing suit or pretty new sandals except in fonts. And they’re free, so no buyer’s remorse. These breezy fonts collected by Frog Prince Designer Ashley Dickson conjour up images of a carefree summer day. I especially love the calligraphy of the Svergie Script and the bold clean lines of Dock 11. Click below to find the sources for this font collection and download them for yourself!

Coneria Script Demo |  Tall Dark and Handsome Condensed | Great Vibes

DOCK 11 | Lemon Drop | ClementePDac | LOVE HUE

DIsco | BLACKOUT |Mosaic Leaf | RBNo2

Sverige Script | Rawengulk Sans

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  1. Kelly says

    I never understand how these free fonts work. Can you explain them. Can I use them for Microsoft works/word? How do I get them to the programs on my computer. Sorry to sound like such an idiot. :/

    • Paula says

      The links in the post will take you to the website where they were found. You’ll click whatever link the website provides to download the font, then open it to install on your machine.

      • Jodi says

        But once you open it, it asks if you want to save or open. how do I get it to save it where I can use it? it just goes into my downloads and sits there! HELP! I don’t get it either!

        • Erin says

          They are saved as zip files, so you have to extract them and then save them to your fonts folder. Just google it. There are step by step directions for whatever OS you are using (i.e. Mac, Windows, etc.). Hope that helps!

          • AJB says

            Once you click “Download” on the font webpage, you can choose either “Open” or “Save”, it doesn’t really matter at this point. After it has downloaded to your computer, open the file, and in the top left corner of your window will be two buttons. Select “install” (not the “Print” one), and after a few seconds, it will be added to your font selections in Word. {At least that’s how it worked for me :) Hope that helped!}

  2. LisaH says

    Having trouble with two fonts that I want (Coneria Script Demo & ClementePDac). I’m receiving an “internal error” each time I go to the website’s. Have you heard of a problem with them before? I thought maybe the hyperlink might have a error but, wanted to make sure. Thanks! I love new fonts!!!

  3. Audrey says

    Are these personal use only or can they be used in commercial artwork? I use bits and pieces of text in my artwork and need to be clear if they’re allowed or not. Thanks!

  4. Audrey says

    Never mind… answered my own question! They are personal use, but the commercial license is reasonable :-)

  5. Colleen says

    This is a great collection. I downloaded and can’t wait to use them. I also love the font used in the body text and comments on your website, the lowercase “k: is my favorite. What font is it?

  6. Glyn says

    Everytime I try to dowmload Mosaic Leaf and open the file it shouts back at me that the file is invalid
    I would love to have the font for a wedding I am doing


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