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We love having sponsors on our blog! They spice up our sidebar and give me new places to go shopping. I really love our new sponsor, Buttercream Dreams, a party supply shop run by Jaedyn Smith. She has lots of pretty paper straws, patterned bag and super cute recipe cards to send along with your treats. You can see her shop here on Etsy! Jaedyn has this to say about her shop:


“Some of my earliest memories are of baking with my mom, or with my Grandma. Both baked everything from scratch. Bread, cake, cookies, squares, all came out of our oven on a regular basis. How I LOVED baking days (I would fight for the bread crusts or bites of cookie dough, and getting to lick the cake batter spoon was a HUGE treat!).

Now that I’m grown, married and a mother, I still love to bake and I love to bake with my girls. I don’t make everything from scratch, haven’t attempted bread, and have more *visual* flops than successes! That’s okay. I really just enjoy the process (not so much the mess).

One thing that has not changed since I was little, is my absolute LOVE of cupcakes!! Getting a cupcake when I was a girl was so fun & exciting – and 20+ years later, I still feel that way.

Buttercream Dreams was born from that love of cupcakes. I love everything about them, from their liners to their sprinkles on top. I was contemplating opening up a cupcake bakery, but in a conversation with my sister, it was suggested that I sell supplies. It was a light-bulb moment for me! I pretty much jumped in with both feet, and opened up my shop within 2 weeks of my sister suggesting the idea.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I really hope you like my little shop. It’s a piece of my heart, and I hope that it shows!”

Visit Buttercream Dreams at her shop!

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    How exciting to have another such awesome sponsor! Just wanted to let you know that the links aren’t working that you’ve given above. I think they should say “” instead of “” ??

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