Beach Bonfire Birthday

I’ve had a really busy couple of months. REALLY busy. Like my kids hardly ever have clean laundry and the Chick-Fil-A cashier and I are on a first name basis kind of busy.

My husband and I wanted to celebrate our {close together} birthdays this year, and since things are relaxing a little bit, it was ok to throw a party. Did I go all out? No. Decorate everything in site? No. Cook for days? No. Which all in all, in my mind, made it just about perfect.

A few of our close friends gathered with us on a local beach, we had a catered meal, and roasted marshmallows over a bonfire. Since everyone dropped their kids with a sitter to come out, we gave cellophane wrapped brownies as favors to give to the kids when they got home…otherwise, we probably wouldn’t have bothered with a favor. Yup…everyone was home by 9pm. Wild and crazy here! I’m going out on a limb here and (gasp) including a pic of me from the party, with big thanks to John McLaughlin Photography for dragging his equipment to the beach so I didn’t have to!

All in all, the sandy toes, roar of the waves, crackling fire and company of good friends made for a memorable evening. With this kind of backdrop, the evening couldn’t have been anything but perfect.

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    Happy happy birthday!! That looks like a party I could enjoy. Isn’t it strange to think that you live that close to a beach, and I’ve lived in land-locked Colorado all my life and have spent no more than 15 minutes on any beach, let alone partying with friends, watching the surf, having a fire?

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