Black Friday Traditions

Yup. This is another one of those sponsored posts that I have to write to keep this site up and running. This one is brought to you by the good people at Target. All opinions in this post are my own, and not in any way influenced by their sponsorship. 

Black Friday is the really hot shopping day of the year, with incredible deals that are pretty much unmatched. Those deals are so good that I’ve seen near fist-fights over them. Everyone needs a $5 waffle maker, if only on principle.

Our Black Fridays usually start with pie. Yes, pie. The family tradition is that we eat pie for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving. Read: Mom’s too burnt out from cooking for two days straight and no one will have turkey for breakfast, so pie it is. Especially if shopping is on the horizon. This year there is the equivalent of 2 pies left on the counter (from the four I made), so the sooner they disappear, the better!

I would love to say that we are deal sharks that are up at the crack of dawn huddling outside the shop doors at the wee hours of the morning eagerly anticipating opening time so we can finish our Christmas shopping before 6am. But no. We usually amble in around 8am and still manage to find the deals we are looking for without suffering any sleep deprivation. This year we’ve got three stores we’ll hit, the first of them being Target.

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 7.29.53 PM

After perusing their Black Friday ads, we have a hit list made for Christmas. There’s a few great deals on flat screens (we’ve been in the market for an extra one so we can stop fighting the kids for control of the TV), a Razor scooter for almost half off that my son asked for, the iPad Mini that my daughter wants for an excellent deal (and I’m relenting so I can once again use mine)  and a crazy good price ($5!) for all our Christmas pajamas. I’m positive there will be a lot of impulse buys once we hit the store, but that is our initial plan.

Check out the awesome Black Friday deals only @Target! Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target.

I got a real kick out of seeing that they have a map of Target on their website highlighting where they’re stashing all the doorbuster deals.

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 7.54.44 PM

Check out your local Target floor map! Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target.

That will certainly help navigate our trip quickly and let my husband and I divide and conquer our shopping list.

If you’re out in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow, or opting for a leisurely afternoon of shopping instead, may you get all the deals you set out for and enjoy your day. We’ll see you out there!



  1. Pie for breakfast sounds like a winner to me!

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