Fancy Champagne Cocktail Skewers

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Parties get polish from the little details. The kind of details that make you think that your hostess has thought of absolutely every last thing and put her own hand to making sure everything is perfect. It may not seem like much, but paying a little mind to something as simple as your cocktail picks will make your guests feel the love. And these fringed picks are stupendously easy to make. See them in action at the Champagne Bar Engagement Party. They also go great in all the champagne cocktail recipes we made for that event!


  • 2inch x 4inch strip of paper
  • Bamboo skewer
  • 2-inch piece of thin gold glitter ribbon or paper

Champagne Bar Cocktail Skewers-1

Use a pair of scissors to create a fringe on your strip of paper.

Champagne Bar Cocktail Skewers-2

Starting at one end with the fringe facing away from the bamboo skewer, roll the paper around the end of the stick. Adhere closed with hot glue.

Champagne Bar Cocktail Skewers-3

Wrap bottom of paper with gold glitter ribbon and glue down. And you’re done!

Champagne Engagement Party Skewers and Stirrers

If you want to make some stirrers while you are being so thoughtful for your guests, just use a heart shaped scrapbook punch to pop out a few hearts from some gold glitter paper and glue them to the top of a stick. Sometimes simple is best, and I love this look!




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