I’m about at that point in the summer with the kids when I’m ready to cry uncle…and that’s all the more reason to keep them busy so they’re not busy doing things they shouldn’t be. So I’ve come up with yet another camp craft to keep them occupied! This one is Camp Crafts, lightning style, as part of the The Country Chic Cottage and 30 Minute Crafts’ 15 minute camp crafts series. Even though it’s 15 minutes of time spent crafting, the kids will play with these tin can stilts for far longer than that. It’s total old school fun! And as a bonus, it’s a project using recycled materials, so it’s even green at the same time.

tin can stilts tutorial-1

Tin Can Stilt Camp Craft Materials:

  • Two tin cans (I used larger sized cans)
  • Up to 12 feet of sturdy cording
  • Assorted paints

tin can stilts tutorial-2

TIn Can Stilt Assembly

This first part is best done by an adult. Hopefully, you’re able to rummage around in your recycle bin for some emptied tin cans. If not, of course, you’re going to want to open the cans dump out the contents (and perhaps make dinner with it). Make sure you wash the insides out well. Don’t want the kids going around smelling like tomatoes or string beans! You can remove the labels at this point. tin can stilts tutorial-3Take a large gauge nail and poke holes in the cans on opposite sides of the can. This is where you’ll thread your cording through.

tin can stilts tutorial-4

Here’s the part where the kids get to go crazy. Hand them paint, stickers, whatever to decorate up their stilts. After the really cool decorating is done, and the paint is all dry, you can string through the cord. tin can stilts tutorial-5

A quick tip to get those cords through easily: wrap the ends in tape. It’ll be easy peasy to thread them through if you take this quick step. The kids can even do it!tin can stilts tutorial-6

I highly recommend pushing the cord through on the outside in on each side of the can and pulling them through the bottom. The knot will rest inside the can this way. tin can stilts tutorial-7
Tie the ends in a good firm knot pull the strings on the outside of the can until the knot rests against the top of the can.

tin can stilts tutorial-11You’ll want your cord on each side to be long enough so when they’re standing on the cans, the child can comfortably pull up on the cans as they walk. If you don’t get the length right the first time, just flip the can over and tie another knot to shorten the length!

My kids had tons of fun stomping along the sidewalk in their stilts. Hope yours do, too!

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