There is something about Christmas that just screams “crafty!” From young to old, people love to create things to celebrate the holiday. And kids? They are really crazy about making ornaments, so put the materials in their hands for an ornament making party, and you’ve got a bunch of content kiddos for the afternoon. This party originally appeared in the Winter 2013 edition of Yum! Food and Fun for Kids print magazine.


You don’t really have to go crazy when you’re hosting an ornament crafting party. You just need to do a little planning to give some guidance to the kids and have ornament projects set up. Some hot chocolate and cookies are perfect to snack on while they’re creating their little masterpieces. You could even (gasp!) buy all the food ready-made so you can focus on getting together the craft projects for the kids.


We had quite a few ornaments set up for the kids to make at our party; some even had overlapping materials. Here the are to give you some inspiration for your own event!

You can find the cutie-patootie shirts the kids are wearing at Rockets & Rainbows.


Popsicle Ornaments

These are a classic ornament for two reasons. First, they’re pretty simple to put together and second, the materials are really inexpensive to purchase.


  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Glue
  • Paint
  • Other items to embellish with


All you’ll have to do here is make a few demo-type ornaments with stars, etc. and then let the kids decide how to finish them off with the given materials on their own. Ornament-making-party-10

I made a few tree toppers out of Popsicle sticks–after the glue was dry, I just wrapped them carefully with yarn.


Yarn Ball Ornaments

These ornaments are charming with their truly handmade country look.

  • Materials
  • Styrofoam balls
  • Yarn
  • Straight pins
  • Other items to embellish with



First, the styrofoam ball needs to be wrapped with yarn. Kids may need a little help with this part at the end to get everything wrapped up nicely. When you’re finished wrapping, use a straight pin to secure the yarn.



Set out dishes of sequins, beads, ribbon and other trims for the yarn balls to be decorated with. After the kids are done with their creations, be sure to pin or tie in a loop for the balls to be hung on the tree!


Salt Dough Ornaments

  • Salt dough blanks
  • Paint
  • Ribbon

There are a million and one different ways to make salt dough ornaments; you can find a good recipe at my friend Coryanne Ettine’s site here. Not much to it, but you DO have to prepare them way in advance, as they require about 2 hours in the oven to bake and dry out to the point they can be painted by the kids. When you’re rolling and cutting out the ornaments, be sure to grab a straw and poke a hole near the top of the ornament so there will be a hole to hang the ornament with later.


After the kids have created their little masterpieces, push a loop of ribbon through the baked-in hole and glue into place.


Christmas Tree Bunting


While this isn’t an ornament, per se, it does make some might cute holiday decoration!


  • Green paper plates
  • School glue
  • Pom poms and other embellishments
  • Ribbon, cut to length of desired bunting


All you have to do is cut each of your green paper plates into a triangle shape, then cut two slits in the tops of the triangle (tree) to weave ribbon through later. Have the children decorate the trees with pom poms, sequins, and whatever else you have for them to use. After the glue is dry, string the trees on ribbon and hang.


Doily Christmas Angels

These angels are made out of doilies, coffee filters and clothespins. There are a few steps to making them, and I’ve got a full tutorial on how to make them up on Design Dazzle for their Christmas Wonderful series.



Fingerknit Garland

Your children will have to be a bit older — about 7 or 8 — to have the dexterity to create this garland, but once they start finger knitting, they’re not likely to want to stop! Materials are simply a very large ball of yarn. I’ll be putting up a full tutorial on how to do this soon.


The addition of this garland really makes a hand-crafted tree come together!


Don’t forget the cookies at your party–we made a few stained glass cookies for the kids that were a big hit!


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