This week, Christmas prep has gone into high gear! All the teachers, coaches and neighbors need to be accounted for, and I’ve been busy making up little gifts to give to everyone. A crowd favorite is this sugar cookie snack mix–it’s tiny pieces of sugar cookie mixed up with seasonal m&m’s. It’s the perfect combination of cookie and chocolate crunch you’ll eat by the hand full. Packaged in a mason jar with a free printable tag, it makes the perfect neighbor gift or teacher gift!


As part of one last batch of Christmas goodness, this post is part of the Home for the Holidays Round Robin—there are 20 other amazing bloggers to visit with fabulous Christmas ideas for you!



This Christmas snack mix is pretty flexible. I have given it as gifts, but I’ve also just put it in a big bowl and served it at parties. It’s addictively yummy, so it never lasted long.

Sugar cookie snack mix in mason jars, perfect for Christmas neighbor gifts or teacher gifts! Sugar cookie snack mix in mason jars, perfect for Christmas neighbor gifts or teacher gifts!Sugar cookie snack mix in mason jars, perfect for Christmas neighbor gifts or teacher gifts!

You can also put it into cellophane bags for super quick little treats. And the best part? It’s much easier and quick to make than you think!

Sugar Cookie Snack Mix Recipe


Sugar cookie snack mix in mason jars, perfect for Christmas neighbor gifts or teacher gifts!

Don’t get me wrong, I love to make sugar cookies from scratch; there’s certainly something satisfying about the process. But this time of year, everything needs to be done fast. this week alone I have two parties to throw, presents to wrap and 20 (yes, twenty!) gingerbread houses and a few dozen cookies to make for classroom parties along with my regular job. I’m way short on time! You can find these bags of sugar cookie mix on sale this time of year, and all you have to do is dump the bag and a few easy ingredients in and they’re ready in a jiffy.


Sugar cookie snack mix in mason jars, perfect for Christmas neighbor gifts or teacher gifts!

For this recipe, make the sugar cookies according to the instructions on the back of the bag for rolled sugar cookies. You make them the other way, and the dough will all kinds of stick to your rolling pin. Don’t forget to pre-heat your oven!


Sugar cookie snack mix in mason jars, perfect for Christmas neighbor gifts or teacher gifts!

After you’ve got the dough made, cut a piece of parchment paper the shape of your cookie sheet and put it on the counter.  Place your dough on the parchment paper, and we’re going to get ready to roll. You won’t want to put the whole batch on the paper, about half will do unless you have a really big baking sheet!


Sugar cookie snack mix in mason jars, perfect for Christmas neighbor gifts or teacher gifts!

Put a good coat of flour on your rolling pin before your start–it will keep the dough from sticking to the pin.


Sugar cookie snack mix in mason jars, perfect for Christmas neighbor gifts or teacher gifts!

Roll out the dough to the very edges of the parchment paper, to about 1/8 of an inch.


Sugar cookie snack mix in mason jars, perfect for Christmas neighbor gifts or teacher gifts!

Just to make things easier later on, trim up the dough so the edges are straight and fit completely on the parchment paper. Pop it in the oven to bake according to the directions; I didn’t have to bake these any longer making one large cookie than individual ones.


Sugar cookie snack mix in mason jars, perfect for Christmas neighbor gifts or teacher gifts!

Here’s what makes this such a neat and quick treat to make. Instead of cutting out a million tiny individual squares of cookies (yes, I’ve done that before) and driving yourself crazy, the cutting comes after! The really really important part here is you HAVE to cut them while they’re WARM! Once the cookie has cooled, it’s too crisp to cut and will break apart rather than bend to your will. Impudent cookies.

Before your cookies are completely uncooperative, use a big knife and trim the edges off your cookies.


Sugar cookie snack mix in mason jars, perfect for Christmas neighbor gifts or teacher gifts!

Cut your cookies in a grid, making the squares about 1/2 inch in size. Let them cool the rest of the way in the pan.


Sugar cookie snack mix in mason jars, perfect for Christmas neighbor gifts or teacher gifts!

After they’re cool, break the cookie pieces up and put them in a large bowl. Mix in the bag of m&ms, and you’re ready to package them up! For your reference, you can get about 3-16oz jars filled per bag of cookie mix.There are two made bags in the bowl in the picture.


Sugar cookie snack mix in mason jars, perfect for Christmas neighbor gifts or teacher gifts!

Just like the bag said, this project was done in about 20 minutes. Neighbor gift giving made easy!

If you’d like the gift tag attached to the jars and bags, you can download the free printable Christmas tag here!

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