witch tea party-9Halloween parties are fun because they step out of the every day with costumes and wildly themed food. But you don’t have to do the usual jack-o-lantern and bobbing for apples bit when you throw a Halloween Party–you can do something unique like throw a tea party…for witches! For the fall 2014 issue of Yum! Food and Fun for Kids Magazine, we threw a Little Witches Tea Party full of spooky fun. And the best part? It was thrown on a budget.

A Halloween Party turned witch's tea party on a budget for #Halloween #Witcheswitch tea party-31 All our little witches gathered around the table set with DIY tiered servers. They were about $4 each, and were made from glasses we painted and plates from the dollar store. Two servers in the middle of the table do double duty–they’re great centerpieces, and it removes the need to set out an elaborately decorated buffet at the party. Our witches really loved all the eye-level and at-hand’s-reach treats!

witch tea party-38witch tea party-18witch tea party-25witch tea party-10witch tea party-13witch tea party-40Since this party was done with budget in mind, I mostly used things I had on hand for decorating. I turned black yarn into pom-poms, made a quick paper “spooky” banner, created tulle tie backs, stitched together some ruffled paper napkins, and used dollar bin wrapping paper to decorate. Even if I had to purchase every item, this party would still be an inexpensive venture!

Witches tea party treatswitch tea party-7

Another benefit to the tiered servers was that we were able to make just enough food for everyone and there wasn’t any waste after with all the individual servings we created. Score one for the party budget!

Most of our tea party goodies were on the healthy side–little fruit cups were made spooky by popping in a couple of candy eyeballs, olive spiders topped garden pinwheels, and Halloween orange carrots stood like little trees in a swamp of ranch dressing. That’s not to say we didn’t have some sweets! We stuffed cupcakes with green ectoplasmic goo (a.k.a. colored vanilla pudding) for the girls as a party finale.

witch tea party-6

We also served up a classic lime party punch. The punchbowl was dropped into a plastic witch cauldron, and the lime sherbert/sprite combination put up a nice foam that made it extra witchy. Had our group been a bit older, a couple plastic eyeballs would have been perfect swimming in this punch!

witch tea party - mummy gamewitch tea party-54After a fun game of wrap the mummy (teams race to wrap their “mummy” in toilet paper!) we said farewell to our witchy friends. It was a great time, and a great twist on Halloween for them all! See the rest of the article, recipes and tutorials for this party in the Yum! Food and Fun for Kids Fall 2014 issue.

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