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Champagne Bar Engagement Party #wedding

It’s always wonderful to hear about two people meeting, falling in love and making the big leap to marriage. My friend Jackie has been dating a wonderful man for awhile now. They are both huge football fans (of rival football teams), and he asked her to marry him last football season before a game they were attending. Jackie has one of the greatest smiles I’ve ever seen, but it was even more brilliant and bright that moment than it’s ever been from the pictures I saw. Love will do that to you!

Using one of Shutterfly’s spectacular invitations, I was more than happy to set up a champagne bar engagement party honoring the happy couple!

Champagne Bar Engagement Party Invitation #wedding

Using the stark white invitation with pops of hot pink, teal, lime and turquoise as inspiration, I put together a champagne bar to celebrate Jackie’s new ring. The modern style and simplicity made it a great party theme to work around. Not to mention that nothing says celebrate like champagne!

Champagne Bar Engagement Party Glasses and Stirrers #weddingChampagne Bar Bridal Shower #wedding

I’m going to admit something big here…I have a little crush on Shutterfly. They make some pretty amazing stuff. I am so in love with their acrylic blocks–perfect for a photo, or a really cute graphic! I’ve already got a running list in my head of things I want to get for decorating the house! For parties, it’s great to truly personalize your event with brilliantly displayed photos.


Champagne Bar Bridal Shower #weddingChampagne Bar Bridal Shower-11Champagne Bar Bridal Shower-15Champagne Bar Engagement Party Cocktail SkewersChampagne Bar Engagement Party Mixer #weddingChampagne Bar Champagne Bottles #wedding

The champagne bar was set up so everyone could help themselves. Four different mixers and four different fruits were displayed along with a nice big ice bucket of champagne. Guest poured our Honeymoon Blues, Passionate Peach, Berry Berry Sweet or Everlasting Love mixer into a champagne glass, then topped with a bit of bubbly. (See the recipes here!) For those who like champagne in a little closer to its natural state, there were also cherries, peaches, strawberries and raspberries to add to the glass.

Champagne Bar Engagement Party Glasses

A little bit of glue stick and a gold glitter heart and our glassware was made extra special. We know how everyone’s glasses get lost at parties where everyone is drinking the same thing, so we made some paper wine glass charms to go on all our stems.

Champagne Bar Engagement PhotoAren’t Jackie + Kevin so cute? I love this Shutterfly piece, too!Champagne Engagement Party Skewers and Stirrers

I personalized a desk organizer on Shutterfly with one of Jackie’s engagement photos, then used it to put handmade drink stirrers and cocktail skewers in for use on the champagne bar. Tutorial on how to make these soon!

Champagne Bar Engagement Party Coasters

All those drinks were going to go on some flat surface in the house, so to save us from some unsightly rings, I had special coasters with the bride and groom to be made. They are fun AND functional!

Champagne Bar Engagement Gift #wedding

As an engagement gift, I presented Jackie + Kevin a nice bottle of champagne to save for later, and attached an ornament with their wedding date on it around the neck. It has a nice little message from my husband and I on the back! I remember how bare my first newlywed Christmas tree was–a few ornaments would have been really welcome.

Champagne Bar Engagement Party spread


Another heartfelt congratulations to Jackie + Kevin. I hope you both celebrate in happiness all your days together!



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