I’m going to make a small admission here.  I didn’t properly prepare for the Operation Shower event I volunteered to create a design for. It was a few busy weeks of travel and back-to-back shoots in November. Which meant a last minute scramble and very simple, but elegant effort (at 2am after a long flight.) Individual place settings are always a creative stress for me — but with some gold chargers, painter’s tape and a can of spray paint, we were in business.

This project is super easy. In fact, my husband was tasked with making the chargers while I did other prep things for the event. Tape off a section of the charger at an angle with your painter’s tape. It’s a good idea to take a piece of paper or something and cover up the part of the charger you don’t want painted. You’ll want to spray the uncovered area with two coats of paint, making sure to allow the paint to dry between coats. Carefully peel off the painter’s tape and voila! You have a beautiful new trendy charger.

Vicki at Laugh Loud Smile Big had sent over some vinyl anchors for use on the table, and they made the perfect little accent to the chargers. You could make these chargers in an absolute rainbow of colors and they would be a fabulous (easy) designer addition to any tablescape!

If you’d like to see these darling chargers in action, see my re-cap of the event here.


Fall is such a beautiful time for romance. It is as if nature knows and is giving us the little nudge we need to light the spark of a new romance or rekindle the steady flame of true and lasting one.  The trees come dressed in their very best colors to inspire and delight us, The weather was designed, I think, for snuggling in close. The aroma of spices and fall's harvest whisper reminders of { Read More! }

pam and eddie wedding - 017

Simple , intimate and just what they wanted. It's amazing how food, family, friends and just a sparing few special touches can make for a perfect day. I think this party is also a testament to the fact you don't have to have a huge budget or spend weeks crafting to have a very nice event. Pamela & Eddie really wanted a small gathering for their wedding with a real focus on food--Eddie is { Read More! }


Today I am sharing my step-by-step DIY tutorial on how to make these simple and elegant flower pomander balls over on Pizzazzerie. They are so easy and the materials widely accessible - your friendly neighborhood WalMart will do for supplies to create something that looks distinctly high-end! You can find the tutorial here. { Read More! }

midsummer inspiration 2

. The gritty industrial back drop to this natural looking dessert table makes it a favorite. I love the tufts of moss everywhere and the little details that peek out throughout the display. It was originally seen on the Oh Darling! Photography website. Enjoy! . { Read More! }

midsummer inspiration 4

This mock-wedding celebrating all things Fairy as in a Midsummer's Night Dream was take-your-breath-away beautiful. Unbelievable details. Inspired imagination. Incredible skill. Just WOW. While I can't foresee ever replicating something like this, these fairy pictures in their secluded glen are fabulous to look at. I was going to include them in my "inspiration board" for the midsummer party I am { Read More! }


Recently, we attended a wedding of some very dear friends here in Florida. The bride and groom hosted the wedding themselves, and since both work in the non-profit field, most of the wedding had to be put together through their own hard work. Personally, I thought it was really neat to see the couple's creative side come out and see the little personal touches they put on the details. The { Read More! }


My favorite part of going to weddings is seeing how the bride and groom choose this one amazing event to sum up their story and make ever so personal for them. Paper Source covers a real wedding where the happy couple went above and beyond to create a unique theme with touches that were so personal and so heartwarming. During their long distance relationship, the groom left notes for the bride on { Read More! }