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DIY Will you be my bridesmaid? box tutorial

One of the most exciting things about getting married (besides a new sparkly ring) is getting to spend a pretty wonderful day with those you love most. Because Its such a special and important event, you want to ask those who you choose to stand by your side that day to be there in an important way. Creating a DIY “Will you be my bridesmaid?” box with a piece of jewelery or two from the bridal jewelry destination, Jared® The Galleria Of Jewelry is just the way to do that.

So what do you put in a “Will you be my bridesmaid?” box? You’ve got a lot of options!

Will you be my bridesmaid box-10

Most of the time I like things sweet and simple–my box has a tiny white gold star necklace and matching bracelet. They’re to remind the recipient what a great friend they are, and how lucky I feel to have them in my life. They are small, sweet reminders that can be worn every day, and with other jewelry. A split of champagne and a glass are tucked in alongside the necklace and bracelet for a little celebrating when ask-ee says yes.

DIY Will you be my bridesmaid? box tutorialWill you be my bridesmaid box-30

If you want to make a larger gesture or give something other than stars, Jared’s has SO many beautiful pieces that would be right at home in a “will you be my bridesmaid?” box. You could give in this present the necklace and earrings you’d like your bridesmaid to wear at the wedding in the box, or just give a piece that will be loved by your friend. Visit Jared Bridal Party Gifts section for more bejeweled inspiration for your bridesmaid box. They have five times the selection of any other jewelry store out there, so you’re sure to find the perfect gift to fit anyone’s personality in one trip! A few of the exclusive lines they carry include Lois Hill, Earthly Treasures Smithsonian, Diamonds in Rhythm and Neil Lane Designs.


How to Make a “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Box

Materials to make the box:

To fill the box:


Assembling the Box

DIY Will you be my bridesmaid? box tutorial

Place a bead of glue along the the bottom of the box on the left hand side. Glue the selvage edge of the fabric (the frayed ugly looking end) down to the bottom of the box. This will keep the fabric from sliding around in the box too much! You’re going to bunch up the fabric so it creates sort of a fluffy pillow for the jewelry boxes to sit in. Tuck under any raw edges while you are arranging the material.


DIY Will you be my bridesmaid? box tutorial

Print the free printable file to heavy white cardstock and cut out pieces. Wrap a box in the “Will you be”  band, and add  the “my bridesmaid?” tag to another box and place them in the middle of the box. Add the “Each day I thank my lucky stars for you” printable sign in the lid of the box so it’s visible when opened. Alternately, you can tie ribbon around the boxes and use a “Will you be my bridesmaid?” sign (free download here).

DIY Will you be my bridesmaid? box tutorial

Place your other items in the box and close the lid. I switched this box up and put in a gold clutch, framed picture of me and my maid of honor from my wedding as an example (circa 1999!), some nail polish and a few Godiva chocolate bars. You can fill these boxes with anything the recipient might love, or things that she’d need at the wedding.

DIY Will you be my bridesmaid? box tutorial

Band the box with a 2.5 inch wide ribbon, taping it down so it is easy to remove by your bridesmaid.

DIY Will you be my bridesmaid? box tutorial

Arrange paper flowers on top, gluing the flowers to the ribbon and your box is ready for giving. Click here for the paper flower tutorial!

What I think I love most about the idea of this box is that you don’t have to use it just as a bridesmaid box. Without the wedding-specific signs, it is the perfect way to deliver a gift from Jared this holiday season and show someone special they are loved.

Visit Jared® The Galleria Of Jewelry:

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