My 15th wedding anniversary was this week. Hitting big milestones like that makes you stop and think a bit! It’s truly been a wonderful/event-filled 15 years with my guy, and standing looking around at what we have/do now and what we had/did then is a bit of a contrast. I was 22 when I got married and just a few months out of college. We bought our first house before we were married, and our house needed everything, down to the towels and everyday silver!

Registries back then were different than they are today. We were encouraged to register for things like formal china and silver (never used 15 years later), and lots of other things we didn’t need. Everything but the towels. Now registries, like the one at Target, makes it easy to design your whole life with the essentials when you get married using their registry, formal china optional. I’m also giving a chance to win a $25 gift card to Target, so scroll down to enter! #TargetWedding #Sponsored


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Some things we might have chosen way back when? Definitely a vacuum cleaner. The lovely orange shag in our 1970s DC townhouse was high maintenance. We managed to purchase a rug for downstairs, but it wasn’t awesome. I would have much preferred something like this beauty to blissfully vacuum every other day. And while I’m dreaming, a pretty blue chair and golden mirror to set the rug of would have been grand…maybe some cool metallic pillows and a trendy floor lamp to match? I might have been convinced housewifery was for me! As it is, I’m the picker-uper, not the cleaner in our house. Oh, how the right choice of household accessories can change your life!

I totally admit, i made a little registry for myself for our new house as I was thinking what my husband and I might have picked out when we started designing our life together. it was fun, and it would have been so fabulous to have a house come together so quickly right after we got married! To inspire a little Target daydreaming about weddings for you my discerning readers, I have a $25 gift card up for grabs!

How do you enter for the Target $25 gift card? Leave me a comment below with your dream Target wedding registry present and I’ll do a random drawing on Wednesday, October 1st!


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