Our Story

My father came home from a trip for work when I was a little girl toting a huge (to me) book of fairy tales. I was instantly smitten with the beautiful illustrations and the stories that came alive from those worn pages. My favorite was always the frog prince…my mother read it to me over and over (and over.) The princess was glamorous, and the prince something wonderful in an unexpected package. There is just something about the magic in fairy tales that sparks the imagination and reminds you to open your mind to possibilities.

.Fast forward a few decades, and I find myself with that same story book reading to my little ones. And I’m reminded just how enchanting that little frog prince is. And to be open to possibilities from unexpected places. I wanted to bring the frog prince alive for my son on his first birthday, but didn’t see any designs that had that special quality I was looking for–so I dreamed up and designed what I wanted my frog prince to be for my little boy. My tiny frog prince’s evolution was remarkable, and in the end, I just couldn’t keep him to myself. And that’s how Frog Prince Paperie came about.

.Of course, that is only the beginning…the prince plans on having quite a few friends in the not so distant future. I’ve been on the party docket for quite some time designing invitations and styling parties. I love love LOVE a good party (and throwing a great party), and all the little details that make them memorable. The invitations set the tone, and the rest is follow through on that first impression!

So here we are…something wonderful wrapped up waiting for that magic kiss, so the party can begin!