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Williamsburg at Christmas

williamsburg christmas-1

This post is a little different than what I usually's not about parties, but about decorating, and not just decorating, decorating in a REALLY old style. Like 300 years ago style, but I love looking at this sort of thing. Hope you too, too! Last year about this time I was pulling into my parent's driveway in Yorktown, Virginia. It was freezing cold for this Floridian...that's me with { Read More! }


Yes, I'm one of those. I make crazy Christmas cards every year to send out that are a little silly, and really just meant to give our friends and family a good chuckle. Last year, a couple of uncooperative children made for one of my favorite cards ever. This year, I was able to convince my darling husband into the photo. Good man, that one...although it did take him a few years to recover from { Read More! }


My favorite part of the Grinchmas Party I held for Random House and Yum! Food and Fun for Kids magazine were the giant paper Christmas trees I created. They're fun, they're huge and surprisingly, don't take much to make other than time. I don't mind sitting on the couch on occasion mindlessly doing a crafty project while I soak up a movie. These trees were really the perfect excuse, as they're { Read More! }

A Grinchmas Party

The Grinch who Stole Christmas Whoville Party

  All the Whos down in Whoville would heartily approve of this Grinch party to celebrate the 25 days of Grinchmas! We put this together for Random House and the winter issue of Yum! Food and Fun for Kids.┬áThere was roast beast, Who pudding and Cindy Lou Who wreaths (recipes available in the magazine).         After dessert, the kids made paper { Read More! }