The favorite part of our How to Train Your Dragon party was by far the Sheep Toss Game. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked for the tutorial on this one! I know it is long awaited, but here, finally is how the sheep were made. If you’d like the signage I used, you can find it in my Etsy shop, but I’m providing the sheep templates here on the site as free printables!

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How to Train Your Dragon Sheep Toss Game Tutorial

Step One: Cutting the Sheep

First thing you’re going to have to do is print out the sheep template. There’s only three shapes on it–a football shaped piece, a vase looking piece (the feet), and the sheep’s head. I recommend printing these to a piece of cardstock so they’ll hold up to the tracing you’re going to do. Cut each one of your paper pieces out. For the fleece, turn it curly side down and trace the football shaped piece on with a marker type writing object. You’ll need four football shapes per sheep.

How to Train Your Dragon Sheep Toss Game TutorialFor the feet and head of the sheep, trace these to the felt. I used a white chalk pencil to trace on the black. Four feet and one head are needed per sheep. Unless you prefer multi-headed sheep, of course, and then I say let your creativity go wild.

How to Train Your Dragon Sheep Toss Game TutorialOh, and make sure you save the scrap pieces. You’ll stuff the sheep with them later. It’s better than buying a whole bag of poly-fill!

How to Train Your Dragon Sheep Toss Game TutorialStep 2: Sewing the Sheep

Now we’re going to turn all those pieces parts of cloth into one of these cute little guys. I named this one Baaaah-b. (Yes, that was a lame attempt at a sheep joke.)How to Train Your Dragon Sheep Toss Game Tutorial

How to Train Your Dragon Sheep Toss Game TutorialWe’re going to work with the fleecy bits first. Take two of the football shapes and pin them together, curly sides together. You’ll end up with two pinned together footballs when you’re done. How to Train Your Dragon Sheep Toss Game TutorialSew the shape together where you’ve pinned only on one side! I used a very narrow seam allowance when I sewed these. How to Train Your Dragon Sheep Toss Game Tutorial

Take the pins out, and once they’re opened up, you should have two circular pieces. How to Train Your Dragon Sheep Toss Game Tutorial

On one of the circles, pin your four feet to the edge of the fabric on the curly side. I centered mine over the seam. Once the sheep is sewn up and turned inside out, these little feet will dangle down. How to Train Your Dragon Sheep Toss Game TutorialPin your non-footed circle to your footed circle, lining up the sewn seams. How to Train Your Dragon Sheep Toss Game TutorialSew around the circle, leaving an inch or two open so you can stuff your sheep and turn it inside out. How to Train Your Dragon Sheep Toss Game TutorialHow to Train Your Dragon Sheep Toss Game TutorialAny color thread works in your machine on this project; the fleece totally obscures any seams. How to Train Your Dragon Sheep Toss Game Tutorial

Turn the sheep inside out. You’ll end up with something that looks like this. How to Train Your Dragon Sheep Toss Game TutorialThis picture makes me giggle a little, but yes this is the sheep being stuffed with the scraps from our cuttings. If you don’t think it’s full enough, by all means use some poly-fill to make your sheep a bit plumper. How to Train Your Dragon Sheep Toss Game TutorialWhen you’re done,  you’ll have a comfortably round little sheep with no head. With a needle and thread, whipstitch your stuffing hole closed. How to Train Your Dragon Sheep Toss Game Tutorial

Step 3: It’s alive! Sheep face.

Not to be confused with duck face. This is probably the easiest part! Bust out your glue gun and glue on the googlie eyes. Put some glue on the back of the head and glue directly to the front of the sheep on the fleece.

How to Train Your Dragon PartyYou’ll want to make bunches of these for a good sheep toss game. I think there were nine or so in our bucket. And to make it even more How to Train Your Dragon-like, be sure to make yourself a black sheep and use a sharpie to draw targets on the sides of the white ones!

How to Train Your Dragon PartyTo finish setting up your sheep toss game, you’ll need a few baskets–I used laundry baskets as they were about the rights size for a 5-7 year old to be able to make it into. Mark each basket with a color in some way.

How to Train Your Dragon Party

The rules were pretty simple. Each Viking was assigned a basket. All the baskets were labeled with a colored dragon picture. It was the Viking’s job to toss as many sheep in their own basket as they could, and they got double points for getting the black sheep in their own basket. We found the game worked best with just two playing at the same time.

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