{Real Party} It’s a True Blood Birthday


  Based on the book series the Southern Vampire Mysteries, the HBO Series True Blood has gained a cult following. It can be a bit of an adult show, so tackling this theme and making it a classy event you wouldn’t mind your kids attending had to be a challenge. Dina Hafez-Suggs of Deliciously Darling […]

Black Cat Halloween Party: Simple Steps to Spooky

black cat low-1

Not everyone is going to throw a full-out ball for a halloween party. I know–I can’t believe it either, but it’s the truth. So to provide some inspiration for a get together that isn’t as time consuming, I put together this low-effort party table. “Low-effort” meaning it shouldn’t take but a few hours to put […]

Totally Rad 80’s Party


Hey Valley Girls!  Pull out your leg-warmers and your neon high tops, It’s time to party it up, 80’s style! Book Club? Ladies Night Out? Bunco? 39th birthday again?  Who cares, just make up a reason to host this totally rad party for the girls! 70’s – Gag me with a spoon. 90’s – Gross […]

Pancakes and Pajamas – Light Effort Celebration

pancake low-1

One of our goals in creating Festivities Magazine was to provide some inspiration for parties that don’t go all the way over the top and only take a few hours to craft. And will fit into about any budget! For our breakfast-based “Pancake and Pajamas” birthday party, I started with a pretty blank canvas — […]

Preppy Bunny Easter {New to Shop}


Easter always brings to mind bright colors, bountiful blooms and warm fuzzy chicks and bunnies. To celebrate all things spring, we teamed up with the talented ladies Courtney and Lindsey at Charming Whimsy and created some inspirational ideas to share! You may remember Courtney from her really fabulous carrot patch cupcakes she shared with us […]