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Cookies and Cream five minute party treats

Party planning is hard work! It’s always a good idea to have at least a few treats on hand to make that are super quick to put together – like five minute dessert quick. These pretty Cookies & Cream party treats are not only a lightning-fast making item, but they’re bound to be the hit of the party. I was lucky to get any on my tray, my family thought they were so good! Only ingredients you’ll need are a nice big can of Extra Creamy Reddi-wip and a box of cookies from the bakery at WalMart.

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As Baby Emma contemplated the treats at her angel first  birthday party, she found another version of our cookies and cream five minute dessert — the idea is really flexible, so you’ve got a whole bunch of ways you can serve this up to make your party more special.


Five minute dessert #PartyReddi

The cream went on top of some gold-dusted macarons, and the cream itself was decorated with a drizzle of candy melt and some edible gold stars. We left some of the creams off the cookies as well, as they were a wonderful little bite all in themselves!


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How to Make the Cookies and Cream Five Minute Dessert

This really couldn’t be easier. Lay a sheet of waxed paper onto a cookie sheet and make a little room in your freezer for the sheet to slide in. Make circular swirls of whipped cream onto the waxed paper about the size of the cookies you bought at the bakery at WalMart.. Their cookies come in a wide variety of flavors, but the home favorite here was oatmeal raisin in this recipe.


Cookies and Cream Treats-2

After you’ve filled your cookie sheet up with Reddi-wip swirls (we’re up to two minutes of actual work at this point), slip the sheet into the freezer for about half an hour to freeze your whipped cream. They’ll be nice and firm after they’re frozen, and taste a bit like an airy puff of ice cream.

If you wanted to serve them as creamy bites without the cookies, just decorate them up a bit with sprinkles and such from here. I recommend cupcake liners for ease of serving if you do this. And with cooler weather around the corner, these creamy frozen bites would also pair perfectly with a steaming mug of hot cocoa!


Cookies and Cream Treats-10

To assemble as a cookie and cream treat, all you have to do is peel your cream swirls off the waxed paper and sandwich between two cookies, which will take about 3 minutes, and your five minute dessert is done!


Cookies and Cream Treats-11

Optionally, you can roll the edges in sprinkles for a bit more of a festive look, but they’re delicious without. You’ll have to serve these straight out of the freezer to your guests, but they’ll be wildly appreciative of the dessert.

WalMart’s bakery offers up other great in-a-minute desserts you can use with Redd-wip, like angel food cake. A few sprays of whipped cream on a ready-made cake and you’ll have a dessert that is entertaining-ready.

To help out your quick-make party treat efforts, WalMart is offering a coupon for Reddi-wip - easy and inexpensive, what could be better?

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For more ideas on using Reddi-wip at your next event, be sure to check out all the fantastic party ideas and activities at Evite!

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