gluten free thanksgiving - andoille stuffing

It’s about that time again where we start digging out the traditional recipes for our holiday meals and start preparing for the feast! Our family recipes need a bit of altering this year now that we have a gluten-intolerant family member, so I set out to make everything we usually do, but so they still taste awesome and everyone at the table can enjoy them. The full recipes for these dishes are posted on

gluten free stuffing

The holidays just aren’t the holidays here without a nod to our New Orleans roots and Andouille Sausage Stuffing. If we’ve got a crowd, I always make an extra pan just to make sure we have leftovers! Figuring out how to make the cornbread gluten-free was the key to making this gluten-free and great.

gluten free thanksgiving - - sweet potato soufflé

Another of my thanksgiving day favors is our Sweet Potato Soufflé. Really, you can never go wrong when you start with a stick of butter and two cups of sugar. The flour was removed from the crumble on top, making it safe to eat.

gluten free thanksgiving - almond green beans

Creamy casseroles are a little bit of work to make gluten-free, so I did sacrifice the deep fried onions and cream of mushroom soup in favor of what might even be a better choice in this Garlic Green Bean recipe.

Then, of course, there is the turkey. Every year we brine our turkey, and haven’t found one that beats Alton Brown’s!

Thanksgiving game

The days leading up to Thanksgiving when the kids are out of school and Thanksgiving day itself tends to be a bit chaotic in my house.  I'm usually cooking up a storm, and my kids are doing their best impressions of tornados as they zip through the house creating the biggest mess they can so they be really really thankful that they have a mom to clean up after them. But as with any other day of { Read More! }

set the thanksgiving table

Inspirations for your home and Thanksgiving table that your family will love.  Bringing in the colors of fall adds a warmth to the season! 1. Thanksgiving Printables by Frog Prince Paperie 2. Painted Berry Stemware 3. Tangerine Napkins 4. Golden Wishbone  5. Gold Turkey Salad Plate 6. Harvest Table Runner 7. Rustic Pumpkin Soup Bowl 8. Acorn Tiny Taper Holders 9. Girl's Shawl Sweater { Read More! }

fall kid crafts-7

While everything is still quite green here in Florida, I hear the leaves have turned spectacular colors throughout the rest of the country. Since we don't have brilliantly hued foliage, we kinda have to make our own fall ambiance--and the result is a few fun fall crafts that you can do at home with the kids that will last the whole season long. Click over to to see the full { Read More! }


We're down to the last days before Halloween...and if you're anything like me, you're still looking for ideas for that last little gathering or class party idea that wins you the mom of the year award. I'm sure you've heard of the company Evite unless you've been living on the moon or in a cave for the last few years (in which case, I would love to hear that story--email me!). They've now { Read More! }