Party Bunting Tutorial #howtotrainyourdragon

One of my favorite parts of creating a party is creating ambiance. For the How to Train Your Dragon Party, I wanted the fun feeling of the dragon racing ring. The scenery is mostly natural and neutral aside from the brightly painted poles, flags and bunting strung around the ring. So our party life could imitate on-screen art, I took a screen shot used the movie’s bunting as inspiration for our event. Although I used printables for this bunting banner tutorial, you really only need to use plain colored card stock to get the same sort of effect. Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 12.13.02 PMJust love the pops of color! These buntings would also be perfect at a knight party or royal sort of party.


  • Solid colored cardstock
  • Gold Grommets
  • Red Cording

Party Bunting Tutorial #howtotrainyourdragonAssembling these buntings are really easy and the look is worth the effort, they just take a little time to do!

Step 1. Cut your triangles and paper hanging strips.

The triangles should be cut to a variety of sizes, big and small. Perfection in imperfection works for us here! The hanging strips, however, need to be uniform. I used red cardstock for all of mine, and cut them 3/4 inch x  4 1/4 inch wide. Common sense, but cut one hanging strip for every hold you’re going to punch in the  step 3.

Step 2. Fold the hanging strips in half.

This creates your hangers.

Step 3. Punch holes.

Punch 2 to 3 holes in the top of each triangle. Holding the paper strip in half, punch a hole in the open end of each strip.

Party Bunting Tutorial #howtotrainyourdragonStep 4. Attach your hangers to the pennants.

Wrap the paper hanging strips around the top of the triangle pennants, lining up all the holes. Push one of the gold grommets through the hole and open it up in the back to keep the hanging strip in place. Repeat for all your bunting pieces.

Party Bunting Tutorial #howtotrainyourdragonStep5. Thread your bunting banner.

I used red parachute cording purchased at the craft store to hang my pieces. All you need to do is lace your cord through each hanging strip and you’re done!

how to train your dragon party buntingThis is another one of those DIYs that is so flexible, you can use it for so many different things! If you do purchase printable banners, you can use the grommeted tabs to hang them, rather than cutting slits in the paper.

10602032_10204404784588388_2093328970_oI even had one mom email me and show me the How to Train Your Dragon bulletin board she made for school this year using the bunting and viking horns from the party!

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