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Shutterfly, as you’ve seen from a few of the blog posts I’ve done, is one of my favorite companies. Occasionally I’m compensated to use their stuff, but I’d but from them anyway as I love how my products come out from them. It’s been fun having the perfect excuse to explore all they offer–and now they’re starting offer custom mix and match stationery! Practicing the long lost art of handwritten notes is something we frequently undertake in our house. It’s so important to let the people who show you kindness know that it means something to you.  So picked up some “Passion for Pattern” customized with my monogram to try out to show some gratitude to some of the people I love.

All the Shutterfly notes come with plain white envelopes, which are perfect for a little extra embellishment. With the bold graphics in the black and white patterns of the thank you cards, some brightly colored envelope liners were the perfect touch!



Envelope liners are not all that difficult to make. You can use this method to fit ANY size or shape of envelope.


How to make envelope liners - outlineIn case you couldn’t see that first picture too well, here it is blown up. All I did was trace my envelope onto a sheet of card stock, then measured in 1/4 inch on the sides, and left room for the glue strip to stick down. This will create the template for your liners. There is a tiny bit of an angle to the sides of the flaps, so I roughed in angles on my template to make a prettier presentation.

After you’ve got your template drawn, all you have to do is cut it out. Then trace your template onto thin paper (I used wrapping paper!) and cut your liners out.

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I like to use a bone folder to create a crease where the envelope folds over before I put the liners into the envelope. Makes it easier later. After you insert the liners into the envelope, you can use a little bit of glue or double stick tape to tape just the top flap to the envelope. The rest should stay in place.


How to make envelope liners

The color jumps at you! The little bit of pink just makes me happy. And your thank you note recipients will love the extra mile you went to thank them.


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To dress up my envelopes even more, I used a bit of glittered washi tape to seal the flap. This glitter tape comes in all colors and patterns, and you can find it at your local craft store.


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Be sure to check out Shutterfly’s new mix and match stationery lines to show your gratitude; they’re lots of fun!

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