Now for the fun part! Check out all the talented contributors to this Cinco de Mayo Party Hop and get the how-tos on how to make everything. For the inspirational shoot, I made these pretty Papel Picado banners that are a fantastic backdrop for any fiesta.


The Mexican folk art papel picado is traditionally made with large stacks of paper cut with a chisel. The colors used in the paper will denote what the celebration is for—pink orange and purple signify offerings for the Day of the Dead, shades of purple at Easter, red white and green for the Virgin of Guadalupe and Independence day. Rainbow colors (as we used) are perfect for Christmas and non-religious celebrations.

Papel Picado banner tutorial and how toMaterials:

  • Tissue paper cut into rectangles
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Glue

1. A single package of tissue paper can be cut into four equal sized rectangles.

2. Using a stack of 4-5 rectangles, fold your tissue paper in half, then in half again vertically so you have a long, skinny quarter sized sheet.

3. Cut a scallop on the bottom.

4. Fold the scallop in half and cut a shape out of the middle. We used diamonds for all ours (they’re pretty easy).

5. Unfold your paper. Admire the pretty scallops and diamond. Oooh. Aaaah. OH.

6. Fold the tissue paper in half again vertically once you’re done admiring.

7. Fold in half horizontally, but don’t overlap your diamonds. We’ll be cutting the tissue paper again, and don’t want to cut into this part!

8. Fold the quarter size sheet so it makes a cone, as if you were cutting out a snowflake.

9. Cut patterns in the tissue paper, being sure to leave plenty of room around the edges.

10. Open up the cut papel picado pennant.

11. Fold ½ inch of the top of the tissue paper over a long piece of yarn and glue down. The yarn should be as long as you want the banner, start glueing at one end, leaving a little room to hang it up, and repeat until the banner is the length you desire and the yarn is full.

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