Nerdy Valentine’s Day Free Printables

Nerd Valentine free printable

Every year, we seem to go back and forth with the kids about what to do about valentines. Some years, I’ve got a little bit of extra time to do some serious DIY Valentine projects, some years I totally give up and buy the mass produced ones, and then there’s the years when I take […]

Valentine’s Day Dessert – Pound Cake Hearts

poundcake hearts-9

Poundcake is easily one of my favorite desserts. It is incredibly versatile, doesn’t need anything in the way of frosting if you don’t feel like it and it pairs wonderfully with fruits of all kinds. When I stumbled across this super cute heart shaped cake pan, I knew it would be perfect for making a […]

Free Printable Valentines Day Mail Boxes

Puppy Love Valentine Mailbox

Valentine’s Day always means giving or receiving valentines of some sort. Our young puppies made some super cute dog house shape letter boxes for their valentines at our puppy love party. As a valentine to you the templates to make doggie valentine boxes of your own are available here as free printables! Materials: Free printable […]

Valentine’s Day “Doggie” Bags for Gift Giving

Valentine's Day puppy love doggie bags

Valentines day is a day for giving gifts from the heart. In my family, the presents we give are usually very small but heartfelt. Since I have always been a firm believer that the way the gift looks when given is a very important part of the gift itself. Everyone loves a beautifully or thoughtfully […]

Valentines Desserts for Healthy Hearts


Last week, I posted over at Project Nursery about some healthier alternatives to the overwhelming number of sweets Valentines Day seems to bring on. And the kids won’t miss the sugar–my two were more excited about hitting this particular dessert table than any I can think of recently. And they see a LOT of dessert […]