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Squeaky Clean Bachelor Party Ideas with Cricut

Squeaky Clean Bachelor Party Ideas with Cricut
This post was sponsored by my friends at Cricut. They have amazing products, so you’re going to hear all about my opinion on that, but these thoughts, feelings and ideas are my own. Also, there are affiliate links within this post that cost you nothing to click on, but help me keep this site running.

Bachelor parties are part of the tradition surrounding weddings. When you say “bachelor party” there are always certain images that come to mind (that we won’t mention because this is a family blog), but judging from the last few such parties my husband has been a part of, I can tell you that it doesn’t have to be like that! With a little help from the men in my life, I put together these wildly fun CLEAN bachelor party ideas for the grooms and best men out there looking for an alternative to a traditional stag party. Most of this you can even DIY with the help of a Cricut machine.

Squeaky clean bachelor party ideas for your wolf pack


In its most basic element, the bachelor party is an excuse to have some male bonding time. To have a man day together. So that’s what we did. We made a whole day about manliness. And made a really creative name for it–“Scott’s Man Day.” Just insert the groom’s name and you’ve got yourself a party. There are going to be budget and time constraints for everyone, so use these ideas as jumping off points.


Clean bachelor party ideas - logos make the event feel more important!


One more thought then we’ll get to the rest of the party–a simple logo for your bachelor party will made everything feel more important and make everything more cohesive. The logo throughout this party is available for purchase customized with the groom’s name and date of the event. Contact me here for further information. You can also make one yourself in Cricut’s Design Space.


Clean bachelor party ideas - a poker run is a great way to tie in a lot of activities in a day to celebrate the groom

The Clean Bachelor Party Poker Run

Most times, you see Poker Runs with boating events or biker kind of things. But there’s no reason this idea can’t work with a bachelor party to make it a little more fun! You can either plant the cards at each location for an employee to hand out, or the best man can be responsible for that part of the game.

How does this work? The best man comes up with an itinerary for the day, full of manly man male bonding activities like this one:

  1. Shooting range
  2. Lunch at a place the bride doesn’t like but the groom loves
  3. Par-3 9-hole golf game
  4. Bar for a quick beverage
  5. Steak dinner

Or you can go lift heavy things, blow things up, chop wood, drive fast, whatever makes your group feel manly.

At each location, everyone gets a playing card sealed in an envelope that they have to hang on to until the end of the day. At the end of the day, dramatically open all the envelopes for best results. Flourish is important here. Each person’s envelopes are opened one at a time and the five cards make a poker hand. Whoever has the best hand wins some super cool prize…my husband suggested a nice bottle of scotch or some game tickets, but you’ll know what kind of thing your crew would be most interested in winning. You can even make it just for a wad of cash if you’re too stressed with the rest of the party to think about it–everyone kicks in a $10 or $20 and wins the pot at the end.

The whole idea is that you’ve got something to tie the day together (the game) while doing a bunch of things that the groom enjoys and hanging out with all the guys. Plus it’ll make you look way organized and like you put a lot more work into the day than you otherwise might have.

Clean bachelor party ideas - have a poker night!


And I do love these and envelopes cards that I made–yes, made!–on my new Cricut Explore Air 2 with Cricut Design Space. I never knew I needed this minty-good machine so much until I made these cards with it. And the rest of the party decorations. Cricut had a stack of masculine colored vintage cardstock that was perfect for the color scheme of the party.

Beautiful, right? Here’s where I sing the praises of the Cricut Explore Air 2. I only got this machine last week and have never used one before, but I totally had a “where have you been all my life” moment once I started using it. It’s completely amazing and there is so much built into it that you can’t help but be a creative mastermind with it. And coming from a printable kind of gal–that’s saying something!

Now here is where you say, “A BACHELOR party? With a Cricut machine???” I got that a few times when I started this project. But guys, if you’ve landed on this page in search of some ideas to have the best clean bachelor party ever, I put it on you to phone a friend (one with a Cricut machine) and have them help you out if you don’t have one yourself, and even then you should get one. It’s for the wolf pack, man.

And everyone knows that even though you won’t admit to it, men like custom touches at their events, too–as long as they’re manly.

Clean bachelor party ideas - include a steak dinner in there for the manly men!

The Clean Bachelor Party Steak Dinner

We’ve got quite a few married male friends who are amazing chefs–so I know for a fact setting up a nice manly steak dinner at home is within the realm of possibilities. If your group is budget-oriented, this is a fantastic option for keeping things within reason but still having some good fellowship. Booze (if you drink) and steak is much cheaper to buy at the store than at the bar or a steakhouse. Plus, making dinner limits the driving around, and everyone can hang out in a really relaxing environment without the chaos of what goes on at the bar. If you’re creative, there is also plenty of trouble to get into at an party at someone’s house vs. the bar option. There may be one or two YouTube videos out there to prove it!

Clean bachelor party ideas - make it manly!

Set up an easy-to-prepare but manly menu–for example, steak, baked potatoes, and sauteed spinach–for the group. And yes, you can make these place settings on your Cricut in case you were wondering!

Clean bachelor party ideas - manly man drinks are a must

Dinner is a great place to incorporate a few party favors as well! After making these pint glasses with the party logo, I think I’m going to be a little obsessed with this machine. It took about 2 minutes to cut the logo out of vinyl and put it onto a pint glass. Instant cred with all for having something so custom for your event…you never need to let them know how easy it was to make.

Bachelor Party Poker Game

After filling bellies full of steak, you can totally continue the party with one last activity! Have poker night–and a snack bar to stay fueled through the evening. But be sure to fill it with manly sort of food!

Clean bachelor party ideas - have a manly day! Click for ideas

The background poster I had printed this time around, but I think I missed an opportunity to save a bit of cash in making it. I’m just not used to having an awesome Cricut machine around. You can use a plain black sheet of foam core and cut your man logo out of white vinyl to apply it to the foam core. Cutting and applying vinyl is SO EASY.

Clean bachelor party ideas - manly desserts: might have bourbon in this

Clean bachelor party ideas - dessert must be manly, too. With bacon and bourbon, of course.

MAN DESSERTS are in order at a manly sort of party. My creation for this? Maple bacon bourbon cupcakes. That’s candied bacon you see sticking out of the frosting, along with two ampules of bourbon to squeeze into the cupcake before its ready to eat. Nothing like a good alcohol-infused cupcake! I might be convinced to share the recipe later on.

Clean bachelor party ideas: man snacks

And then there are MAN SNACKS…choose things that are likely to singe nose hair or cause severe heartburn and you’re on your way to some proper man snacks. Was a Cricut involved in this display you say? OF COURSE  it was! The tented labels were created in the Cricut Design Space, and the “Man Snacks” sign was made using vinyl as a template. Again, so so easy to do!

Clean bachelor party ideas - drinks for manly men

Clean bachelor party ideas - a man drink tray for serving ...whatever you choose!

At a manly party, you have to serve MAN DRINKS. This was probably one of my favorite projects I made for this set. The Cricut Explore Air 2 has a blade available strong enough to cut leather, and also works on their line of faux wood pieces. I stained a serving tray, then created a design with one of their pre-exsiting patterns and had the machine cut my faux wood piece out as a liner for the tray. I keep saying it, but this was so little effort on my part! Just a few clicks and the machine did everything for me. And with Cricut Design Space, you can substitute any wording you want to decorate the tray. Click here for the files for project I created in Design Space. You can see the whole tutorial here.

To go on the tray, I made a few customized shot glasses with a copper colored foil and the party logo. Also a great party favor!

For the morning after

Every good bachelor party, even a clean bachelor party, has a little collateral damage the next day. Show some kindness to your friends and party goers and send them out into the world with a hangover kit complete with a little hair of the dog.

I had this box of TLC printed and cut out in no time on my Cricut Machine. And it is just the perfect memorable ending to a bachelor party.

Now that you have a few ideas in hand, go forth and have a bachelor party you aren’t embarrassed to tell the bride about!

Be sure to check out all the fantastic things these machines can do on the Cricut website!

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Paula Biggs

Paula Biggs

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Wednesday 24th of May 2017

Really love all the little details of this man party! So well designed.


Saturday 20th of May 2017

All of these bachelor party ideas sound great and doable. I liked the concept of steak dinner a lot :)

Sandra L Garth

Monday 15th of May 2017

I love EVERYTHING about this! It's classy, cool and a great alternative to some of the debauchery that often happens at bachelor parties. What's even better is that this can be adapted to male birthdays and it's just in time for Father's Day. I have a mini Cricut that's been collecting dust and table covers and I'm about to blow the dust off that baby and see what I can do. Excellent post Paula, thank you!

Geri Leatherbury

Monday 15th of May 2017

Very nice! I can see it used for many more parties and loads of other daily use things.

Kim Byers @ The Celebration Shoppe

Monday 15th of May 2017

Love this idea Paula! And I couldn't host a party without my Cricut. They save you so much money and allow your creativity to be endless!