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Homemade Gifts Crafted Quick: Michael’s Scrapbook Calendar

scrapbook calendar-2

All opinions are my own, but Michael’s did send over this kit for me to review!

Every year, there are the best of intentions to hand-make some utterly meaningful and beautiful handmade gifts for the people I love. Every year, I am completely unsurprised when I rush out to the store at the last minute to find something I hope the people I love like, much less adore because i created it with my own two hands. (Picking it up and putting it in the cart with my own two hands has to count at that the late hour I am often shopping.)

It’s great to see that there are a lot more “semi-homemade” options coming out on the market, like Michael’s Recollections Calendar Kit. It’s a quick-assembling scrapbook and calendar — I made this one for grandma, who has hung a paper calendar on the wall for as many years as I’ve been alive. She’ll love seeing the grandkids every month in this one, and when she’s done, she can put it on the shelf with her other photo albums. And I made the whole thing in the time it took to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas special–total bonus for the time crunched gift giver/maker.

scrapbook calendar-3

Along with a  beautiful album and all the blank calendar pages, the kit comes with all these expertly designed 3×4 and 4×6 cards, with patterns or wording on both sides.

scrapbook calendar-4

I just love how they all look together to make custom pages!

scrapbook calendar-5

You can slide your chosen interchangeable combinations into the plastic sleeves and slide them into each month’s divider.

scrapbook calendar-6 scrapbook calendar-7

We wrote some fun things in some of the provided inserts for Grandma & Grandpa to discover later, and filled in all the family birthdays, holidays and anniversaries for the year with the really nifty stickers that came in the kit. Makes it look so polished and professional!

scrapbook calendar-9 

I’m not a scrapbooker–those people work magic!!–but it was really easy with these cards to tape in a few photos to make a really fantastic looking calendar page so even I looked like I knew what I was doing.

scrapbook calendar-8

I’m probably the only one that will think this feature is cool, but when I was done making this grandma gift, I was able to wrap the album in tissue paper and put it back in the pretty box it came in to wrap up to give! What can I say, I love a good box. And thoughtful looks-like-it-took-more-time-than-it-did gifts. Grandma is going to love this one.

You can find the Michael’s Recollections Calendar Kit for $39.99 at any Micheal’s store this Christmas season!

Paula Biggs

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