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Liberte Mediterranee Yogurt Recipe & Giveaway

Liberte Mediterranee Yogurt Recipe & Giveaway


Every once in awhile in the morning, I want to shove aside my egg white and spinach omelet for something…sweeter…but that still fits within the {gluten-free} kinds of foods I like to eat. One of my favorites to dress up for breakfast that packs a good nutritional punch is yogurt. So much can be done with a little granola and fruit, and the flavors you can buy Liberte Mediterranee yogurt  in make mixing in easy! Really, it’s like a little bit of yogurt perfection.

 Click here to see all the flavors their line of yogurt comes in!


Liberte yogurt recipe for Caramel Macchiato Yogurt Parfaits

My latest breakfast creation? I’m calling it the Caramel Macchiato Yogurt Parfait. When browsing the refrigerator aisles of Publix, I found Liberte Mediterranee yogurt in several yummy flavors.

Of course, the coffee fiend in me was immediately attracted to the Liberté® Méditerranée cappuccino container. I had to take the Liberté® Méditerranée caramel as well. Who am I kidding? I took one of every kind. This blog post was a great excuse for a fabulously delicious yogurt gorge-fest. And I didn’t share.

Grocery store binging aside, one taste of the cappuccino and caramel yogurts and I knew they were a match made in heaven. So I layered them into a seems-sinful-but-really-isn’t parfait that is #YogurtPerfection. So good it gets its own hashtag.

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Liberte yogurt recipe for Caramel Macchiato Yogurt Parfaits

Caramel Macchiato Yogurt Parfait


  • Liberté® Méditerranée Cappuccino yogurt
  • Liberté® Méditerranée Caramel yogurt
  • Liberté® Méditerranée Vanilla yogurt
  • Chocolate covered espresso beans
  • Yogurt covered raisins
  • Honey Granola
  • Almonds

Use a smaller sized parfait glass for this. Open up your Liberte Mediterranee yogurt, making sure to lick the lid. I think that it’s an unwritten rule of eating single-serve yogurts that you do that. Then stir up all the yummy flavoring that’s on the bottom throughout the yogurt.

You can layer however you want, but I put in the caramel yogurt (about half a container), then some of all my mix-ins, the cappuccino yogurt (half a container again), more mix-ins, and topped it off with a few spoonfuls of vanilla yogurt. And more mix-ins just for good measure. As a bonus, there is enough for TWO parfaits with all the ingredients! Sharing is good. Sometimes.

Liberte yogurt recipe for Caramel Macchiato Yogurt Parfaits

Yes, that was chocolate for breakfast there, but there are lots of studies about how chocolate in moderation is actually healthy for you. I’m sticking with that story. Four or five espresso beans never hurt anybody! Beats the pie I let the kids have for breakfast after Thanksgiving. Pie would also be a good yogurt mix-in.

You really need to try this stuff.

Liberte Mediterranee yogurt was spectacularly good all on its own, and I really want you to get the chance to try it out. Yogurt made from whole milk and cream without sugar substitutes and preservatives take on a whole other indulgent and silky flavor complex not found in mere mortal yogurts. So I have two ways to encourage you to try them out.

Win cash to try Liberte Yogurt!

Cash! Yes! I’m going to ply you with cash. Click your happy fingers over to the Liberte Mediterranee website and check out their story. Leave a comment below stating what flavor you are most looking forward to trying.

I’ll do a random-number generated draw May 1st for $15 paid via PayPal or I’ll mail you a $15 Publix gift card if you don’t have a PayPal account. That will be plenty to buy all the mix-ins and yogurt to serve at least a family of 4.

Save with a Liberte Mediterranee Coupon!

There’s a Liberte Mediterranee Coupon here to save on your next yogurt purchase. Every little bit helps, I know!

Liberte yogurt recipe for Caramel Macchiato Yogurt Parfaits

Step up to an indulgent breakfast with your own special mix-ins with Liberte Mediterranee yogurt! How are you going to make it?




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Laura J

Wednesday 29th of April 2015

Oh I would love to try the Méditerranée Blueberry first! They all look so good! I love that they have been making yogurt since 1964!

Starla B

Tuesday 28th of April 2015

Goodness! The one you made looks delicious! I would love to try the coconut flavor and I would add in fresh strawberries!

Angela Saver

Monday 27th of April 2015

I am most looking forward to trying the Strawberry yogurt!

Deborah G

Thursday 23rd of April 2015

Méditerranée Cappuccino sounds delicious to try!

Erika P.

Thursday 23rd of April 2015

I want to try the Peach & Passion Fruit flavor.