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New House Organizing – The Garage

New House Organizing – The Garage

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate media Group® and Rubbermaid, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #FastTrack

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There’s been some pretty big news in my house. Rather, there’s a new house at my house! After not owning a home for about 7 years while we moved around and decided where we wanted to permanently live, we finally bought something of our own. But moving and re-organizing…UGH! Not my idea of a good time. We’ve been in the house two weeks and I’m still up to my ears in boxes. Something had to get organized around here, and it might as well be the garage! When we moved, everything we didn’t know what to do with got shoved out there.

rubbermaid fasttracks-10rubbermaid fasttracks-11
The garage is where most of my props live, and I’m going nuts not being able to find anything. I might have cried over my AWOL glue gun the other day. For real tears, even. This place is a total scary mess. Hardly room to walk through the garage to the door.

I’ve almost taken up secondary residence at Target since we started moving buying all the odds and ends we need to set up house. The shelving aisle? Pure gold. For the garage, Rubbermaid has these cool systems they call FastTrack; it comes in a 5 piece kit with one track and four hangers, and you can get lots of these tracks and build yourself a great organizational wall. From May 18-24, 2014, the Rubbermaid FastTrack 5 piece kit is on sale at Target in store for $28.89 (reg $33.99). We’re going back for at least one more set they work so well.

Paula with RyobiThey’re easy to put up, too. Super busy this month, so installing anything has to be a quick thing for me to do it. Good thing they only took about 5 minutes. I think I spent longer making silly faces at the camera with my power tool than I did actually putting one of the tracks up.

rubbermaid fasttracks-1

You screw a metal strip into the wall, cover it with the plastic track, and then you loop the hooks over the top of the track. I love that the hooks aren’t permanent; they can be moved back and forth whenever you need to.

rubbermaid fasttracks-4

As we were cleaning out this mess in the garage, I couldn’t help but think about all the space we had in there when we got all the stuff cleaned up/purged/organized. See how much room we have on this wall now? Totally amazing. Strong enough to hold two golf bags.We were able to put all the beach equipment up on the wall there so we can grab it and go instead of sifting through stacks of stuff on the ground. Ever so much more convenient!


And I’m thinking that space under there is about three cake stands high and 2 new 6-piece place settings wide…if only my husband wouldn’t notice.

I look forward to sharing my DIY projects around the house with everyone. There are tons of rooms to tackle in here, and I’ve got lots of ideas I’d like to show off already!

Nikki @ Tikkido

Monday 19th of May 2014

I like the way you think, lady. ;-)