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Send These Fresh, Hand-rolled Bagels as a Gift to Anyone!

Send These Fresh, Hand-rolled Bagels as a Gift to Anyone!
This post about bagel gift bag ideas is sponsored by New Yorker Bagels. All thoughts, feelings and ideas are my own.

About this time of year, we all start scratching our heads and thinking up things to give the important people in our lives that take care of the hard stuff for us, like teachers and admins and maybe even a neighbor or two. Have you ever thought of gifting fresh, hand-rolled bagels? I hadn’t either until I ran across New Yorker Bagels. They are NOT what you find in your  local grocery store. In a paragraph or two, I’m even going to show you how to make a bagel gift bag that is totally cute and perfect for Christmas gift giving.

Bagel gift bag Christmas neighbor gift

New Yorker Bagels is the world’s largest fresh bagel bakery. The company bakes more than half of all bagels enjoyed in New York City every day, and they have baked for the who’s who of NY for almost 40 years…and now for the rest of us around the country!

A few dozen of these beautiful bagels were overnighted to my front door recently. Life here has not been the same since. “Mom, when are we getting more of those bagels?” “Mom, these bagels don’t even need cream cheese!! They just melt on your tongue they’re so soft. Most. Amazing. Bagel. Ever.” “Honey, order more of these.” “Mooooom, Maddie ate the last bagel!!! (whaaaaa!)” Strong words from the family; I’ll never be allowed to buy a grocery store bagel again.

But when something is THAT good, it really is meant to  be shared. Like with a friend or neighbor or co-worker or boss or even a client! Pack up a bagel gift bag and make someone’s holiday. Check these special offers from New York Bagels

How to Make a Bagel Gift Bag for Christmas

You have one of two options when gifting New Yorker Bagels:

You click here to purchase New Yorker Bagels, have them sent as continuous subscription or a 3-month subscription to a lucky person. Use the code FrogPrince, and as a Bagel Subscriber, you’ll get $7 off of your first 3 subscription orders (a $21 value) OR if you purchase a 3 month subscription as a Gift, $7 off the cost. Subscriptions are already discounted 10%, so that, uh, saves you a little dough (haha!) They OVERNIGHT THE BAGELS to you or your friend/boss/admin superstar/other recipient. This is included in the cost of the bagels.

You click here to purchase New Yorker Bagels, and have a giant box sent to your house to package up because THEIR WHOLE SITE IS ALREADY ON SALE. You’re welcome for that tip, by the way. No promo codes for the non-subscription stuff, but their 22 varieties of wonderful bagels are so worth it, trust. Shipping is on New Yorker Bagels, so remember that when you click over. Once the bagels arrive, you’ll need to put them in a pretty package to give as a well-received holiday gift. They OVERNIGHT THE BAGELS to you or your friend/boss/admin superstar/other recipient. This is included in the cost of the bagels. Or, build a box of 12 bagels.

Bagel gift bag packaging idea

Honestly, I probably did two or three of these packages, but this is the one I liked most. The orange and teal look lovely with that New Yorker Bagels packaging, and the trees make it seasonal, even in the non-traditional colors. The “Holiday Schmear” on the tag is my favorite part.

Materials if using Cricut Machine:

  • Cricut project template (click here)
  • Orange cardstock
  • Teal Cardstock
  • Orange Vinyl
  • White bag
  • Black ribbon
  • Teal tissue paper

Materials if using scissors:

  • Free PDF project template (click here)
  • White cardstock
  • White bag
  • Black ribbon
  • Teal tissue paper

If you’re using a Cricut machine for this project, as I know many of you my dear readers do, click over to the project page for this piece. Cut out the small trees from the orange and teal cardstock, and the large tree from the orange vinyl. Peel and stick the vinyl tree to the front of the white bag. Layer up the trees with the “holiday schmear” tag in the front. Thread some ribbon through the pre-cut hole in the star and tie it to the handle of your bag. Now go fill it up with bagels!

For those of you wielding scissors for this project, download the free pdf gift tag up there and print it out onto your white cardstock. Cut out all the shapes. Use a glue stick or whatever your favorite adhesive is to paste the large orange tree to the front of your white bag. Use a hole punch to put a hole in the star of the two smaller trees meant for the bag tag. Thread some ribbon through the pre-cut hole in the star and tie it to the handle of your bag. That bag is now ready to be filled with yummy yummy bagels.

What to put in your Bagel Gift Bag

First up, of course, you’ll need a package of New Yorker Bagels. Since this is going to be a gift bag and not just a handing over of bagels, you’ll want a few accessories in the bag as well. Here are a few great ideas:

  • A pound of coffee
  • Orange juice
  • Apple juice
  • Coffee mug
  • Cream cheese
  • Jelly
  • Smoked salmon and capers

Tuck all your pieces into your bag and top with a few pieces of tissue paper and then go make someone’s day!

Eating New Yorker Bagels after shipping

The New Yorker Bagels company has a hysterical page on what to do with their bagels after you have them shipped. You can download it for yourself here. It’s a must-read just for the New Yorkness of the material. Also, it shows just how serious they are about making sure you enjoy their bagels at their peak of perfection.

Basically, they’re going to need some air after being wrapped up in that packaging, and a quick run through the oven will bring them back to their bakery-fresh crisp on the outside but sumptuously soft on the inside state. If you have ravenous beasts in your house like I do, though, I can tell you even if you don’t follow the bakery’s specific instructions, they’re still amazing, but better with a little bagel TLC.

Go forth and eat bagels!

Now that you have the best idea ever for a friend/neighbor/co-worker/boss/client gift, check out New Yorker Bagels to fill your bag!

Paula Biggs

Owner at Frog Prince Paperie
Paula Biggs is a party planner, DIY crafter, and owner of Frog Prince Paperie, where you can find hundreds of party, craft and lifestyle ideas.

Nikki from Tikkido

Monday 3rd of December 2018

I absolutely LOVE this idea for an easy gift! My neighbors are going to be so happy this year! And those gift tags are amazing. I'm a sucker for pretty wrapping and gift tags.

Paula Biggs

Tuesday 4th of December 2018

Bagels are a fun departure from what people usually receive as neighbor gifts--and consumable is always great! I am so glad you like the tags--hope you get to use them!