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DIY Snow Globe for Christmas with Krazy Glue

DIY Snow Globe for Christmas with Krazy Glue
This post is sponsored by Krazy Glue. All thoughts, feelings and ideas are my own.

Around Christmas, I’m always looking for fun ideas to get the kids involved in decorating the house or coming up with a fun little present or two to give to their friends. My kids in particular seem to have an unnatural obsession with snow globes, so getting them to get hands-on with making a few DIY snow globes was not a hard thing.

They really loved shopping around to see what kind of things they could pop into their balls of plastic, and spending time thinking about what their BFF might like memorialized in a snow globe was really fun for them. Also, they helped make a few fun little vignettes around the house that are going to be perfect for Christmas time.

How to make a DIY snowglobe

We moseyed over to our local Michael’s craft store to pick up every one of the pieces parts we needed for our snow globes. Around Christmas time, they usually carry these great plastic snow globe blanks and in a few sizes. You can also find plastic mason jars there that will also do the trick, or even easier on the budget, you can use a regular glass mason jar. Any container will do–you just need to be sure it’s able to be sealed.

The bits to decorate the inside can vary as well. Michael’s has a great selection on tiny Christmas pieces and bottle brush trees in its seasonal aisles.

Our snowglobes were assembled with Krazy Glue. It’s firm grip makes it one of the better things to use for a project like this, and with adult guidance, the kids can handle using it as well. (For the record, mine are 8 and 11.) I like the kind with the precision tip as it makes applying the glue just where you want it far easier. And being the lazy crafter I am, easier is always better. You can pick up at least 6 different varieties of Krazy Glue at Michael’s while you’re out shopping for your other snow globe materials.

diy snowglobe materials

  • Snowglobe container
  • Bottle brush trees and figurines
  • Krazy Glue
  • Snow “confetti” (also packaged as Buffalo Snow Flakes)
  • Ribbon

If you’re using water:

  • Superfine glitter
  • Small star confetti
  • 1/2 teaspoon glycerin


That really depends on what you are putting inside your snow globe. The flocked bottle brush trees and glittered balls I used aren’t going to stand up to water for very long, so I didn’t bother with any water for their displays.

For the purely plastic or resin displays, water is fun! Plus, the kids love playing with them (be sure to use plastic for kid-handled DIY snow globes!) Add a generous dose of superfine glitter, a few tiny confetti stars and a 1/2 teaspoon of glycerin. The glycerin makes the glitter suspend and swirl in the water a bit longer. But skip the snow “confetti” since it’s plastic and is just going to float at the top of your jar.

This DIY project is so so simple. It’s really just a matter of using a little Krazy Glue to glue things down so they don’t move. Here I glued down a bottle brush tree and a little deer to the platform of the DIY snow globe. If you’re using a mason jar, glue to the inside of the lid.

KRAZY GLUE TIP: If you take a piece of sandpaper and sand a bit of the surfaces you’re trying to stick together, you’ll have more luck! Krazy Glue likes porous or rough surfaces and a little sanding does the trick to help the adhesion process go easier.

If you want to get really fancy, you can decorate your bottle brush tree. I used a few sparkly red balls. Beads would work, too! A little dab of Krazy Glue will do ya!

And just try not to think of the “Kraggle” when you’re handling that pretty red Krazy Glue cap.

Pour a little bit of your confetti snow into the bowl of your snow globe.

Closing your diy snow globe

All your Krazy Glue-d pieces should do just fine being flipped over, so hold on your your empty bowl or bowl full of water and insert the piece into the container and screw tightly shut. If you really have no intention of ever opening your snow globe again, you can add a bit of Krazy Glue to the lid of the jar.

Add some decoration!

I always like to finish off my projects with a little bit of flourish! In this case, I wrapped the bottom with a bit of ribbon and added a gift tag. A little polish makes it so much more appealing.

Please do give our kindly sponsor Krazy Glue a visit–they inspired this easy DIY for you today!

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Paula Biggs

Owner at Frog Prince Paperie
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Friday 30th of November 2018

Where did you by the snow globe ?

Paula Biggs

Friday 30th of November 2018

Both Michael's and Hobby Lobby carry them this time of year!


Thursday 23rd of November 2017

Lovely globes! I have many brush trees that I like to use for Christmas decoration, but your idea likes me. I will try it :)