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10 Things You Didn’t know the Cricut Maker Could Do for Home Decor

10 Things You Didn’t know the Cricut Maker Could Do for Home Decor
 Cricut is sponsoring this post all about things you didn’t know the Cricut Maker could do for Home Decor. I am deeply in love with my Cricut products, and all thoughts, feelings and ideas below are my own. Affiliate links are in this post. They cost you nothing, and help keep this content free.

The other day I was standing in the aisle of Micheal’s craft store and a lady struck up a conversation with me about Cricut. Standing there looking at two sleek Cricut machines, she wanted to know–why buy the Maker?? Of course, this poor lady got more of a response than she probably wanted and quite the education about things you didn’t know the Cricut Maker could do. A machine that can cut hundreds of materials from silk to wood to leather is pretty handy to have around. Probably my biggest argument for the Maker was/is it’s Adaptive Tool System™. Whenever Cricut thinks up more things for us to cut, they’re going to come out with a new tool to use in the Maker instead of a whole new machine, so it’s completely expandable! It’s truly a machine that if you have the creativity to come up with it, there isn’t anything you can’t do.

Speaking of harnessing a little creativity…right now, I’m going room by room and coming up with some accent piece projects to give our house a little update. Know what I’m using to help out? That’s right. My Cricut Maker. In Cricut’s Design Space online software (usable on iOS, Android™, Windows®, and Mac®), there are so so many inspirational pieces that have already been thought up and designed for you. Here’s ten projects to show you a few things you probably didn’t know you could get out of a Maker machine!

Hotter than a fine cup of coffee sign

So it’s not really surprising that the Cricut Maker cuts the same things it’s other awesome machine–the Cricut Explore Air 2–can cut. I’m throwing this project in here because I just wanted to point out that the Maker has a fast mode that works with vinyl, iron-on and card stock. And boy, is it fast! Personally, I also think it’s a bit quieter as well, which my family appreciates when I’m doing any midnight craft projects.

When I last visited my family in Nashville, I saw how much that city was into their coffee with the abundance of coffee shops we visited. I spotted this quote at one, and totally loved it. So glad I finally had an excuse to put it on something to hang up!

This is also here to show off another cool Cricut trick you might want to have in your back pocket. After you use the super fast mode on your Cricut Maker, you can use your Iron-On Vinyl to IRON YOUR DESIGNS ONTO WOOD. Yes! Onto wood! Why would you do that? Unlike the peel and stick vinyl, the iron-on is going to melt to the wood and make it look like paint. So that’s the look of paint without the stencil and painting part. Genius, right? Click here to go to Design Space for the project file.

Wooden pineapple for tablescapes

Small disclaimer–this is my very first project with the Cricut Maker knife blade. I only got it a day or two ago, and I sat and watched the machine cut out the pieces of wood with no small amount of amazement. Now that I know what it’s capable of myself, I cannot WAIT to do some more intricate projects…like a few I’m going to show you in just a moment or two.

But back to my pineapple. I decorate my table an awful lot! After picking up some very Miami looking party supplies, I really thought they needed some pineapples to add a trendy punch. A few cuts on the Cricut Maker and a little paint, and my wood pineapple party decor pieces were party ready. I thought it was going to be so much harder than it was–but after I taped down the basswood to my Cricut Mat, I just clicked the button to start cutting and that was it! Click here for the project page.

Crepe Paper Succulents

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of cutting a million crepe paper petals out by hand, you can totally appreciate the hand cramps that the Maker’s Rotary Blade saves you. On top of crepe, it cuts virtually any fabric without the fabric having to have  a backer. Pretty cool, huh?

You can use the Maker’s Rotary blade like blogger Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body did to make this darling little pot of Crepe Paper Succulents. Click here for the project. I fairly have a brown thumb these days and having greenery around the house I don’t have to take care of is important. This tiny pot of crepe paper plants is so perfect for adding a pop of green, and the project is so much easier than you think to complete.

“I love us” frame

The knife blade cuts thicker materials, up to 2.4mm, on the Cricut Maker, which makes it perfect for cutting intricate wood cuts to add to already made items. That’s just how this “I Love Us” frame was made with the Cricut Maker! Hard not to love it. It’s the perfect sort of accent piece to have around the house with a pretty photo. Click here to see the project page. 


Buffalo Wood Sign

The rustic wood slats with the buffalo silhouette in this home decor project are so cool. And so doable for anyone with a Cricut Maker. Using the knife tool, you’re going to cut one buffalo out of chipboard and one out of Cricut’s faux leather, then layer them up to put on a pre-made wood slat piece you picked up from the craft store.  Click here to go to the project page.


Hexagon Window Cling

Window cling wasn’t really a product I had considered using before, but it’s something your Maker is going to have no problem cutting in a jiffy for you. We’ve got a bathroom that really needs to have the windows frosted for privacy…and I’d like to not sacrifice any style while we are doing so. A bit of Cricut Maker-Cut window cling ins some pretty Hexagonal patterns might just be the thing! Click here for the project file.

Modern Mountain Art Piece

Bet you didn’t know you could do large scale art pieces with the Maker! The max cutting area is 12 x 24 inches, so you piece together these types of projects with multiple cuts and the results are stunning. You can click here to see the project page for this modern mountain art piece.

Leather Basket

Did you know the Maker was a whiz at cutting leather? Faux or real, the Maker’s knife blade can make the precision cuts you need to make sweet little accent pieces for your house like this leather basket. Click here for the leather basket project page.

Basswood Coasters

Pieces like this are what get me REALLY excited about the Maker’s knife blade. All those little bitty pieces of wood were cut so they could be inlaid like that by the Maker machine. My father-in-law does wood work like this by hand, and it is intensely and immensely time consuming. It’s incredible to be able to put in a design in Design Access and get out pieces like these coasters without all that work! Want to make some for yourself (or see how they’re made?) Click here for the project file.


Geometric Vase

Admittedly, this geometric vase is a fair amount of work to make, but it’s still a bit mind boggling you can get a project like this out of the Cricut Maker. It’s made from chipboard and marble contact paper. Click here to see the project page and how to make it!

Copper Vase

Yes, the Cricut Maker can even cut metal! Which makes it perfect for whipping up cute little copper vases like this one from Angie at The Country Chic Cottage. With a scoring tool to help make all the perfect folds, making a few fun home accessories is easy. Click here for the project file, and visit Angie here to see how to make the vase.

More Cricut maker Home Decor Ideas

There is so so much more you can do with your Maker than you realize to help decorate your home! Visit Design Space here to take a peek at what you can do!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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