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Easy DIY Sombrero Chip Platter for a Cinco de Mayo Party

Easy DIY Sombrero Chip Platter for a Cinco de Mayo Party

Having a Cinco de Mayo party? This sombrero chip hat is an easy DIY to make the party a little more fun. The materials are super simple, and you can find most of them at the dollar store.

This Cinco de Mayo sombrero chip platter originally came from my kids’ DIY Cinco de Mayo party. You can see the rest of the ideas and more party photos here. It also made an appearance in Yum! Food and fun for kids magazine. I can tell you they all had a really good time with the snacks and Cinco de Mayo activities.

Plus, we used the Cinco de Mayo party as an excuse to teach them a little bit about Mexico and Mexican heritage. Always great when you can have a little lesson in with the fun!


how to make a Cinco de Mayo DIY sombrero chip platter

As I said, you can pick most of these materials up at the dollar store. But if you’re making lots of chip platters and prefer for the Amazon mom route, I’m including a few affiliate links so you can just go pick some up online.

If you want to see how to make these in real time, be sure to watch the video above!


Cinco de Mayo party decoration: DIY Sombrero Chip Platter

Cinco de Mayo party decoration: DIY Sombrero Chip Platter

This project is so super simple to make, the kids can help with it. I would just switch out the hot glue for white glue and use a little patience waiting for things to dry.


  • Large yellow paper plate or paper platter
  • Yellow paper cups
  • Multicolor pom-poms
  • Hot glue


  1. Put a bead of hot glue around the rim of the paper cup. Turn the paper cup upside down onto the middle of the paper plate. Let the glue set.
  2. Glue pom-poms around the outer edge of the paper plate with hot glue.
  3. Once the glue is dry, fill the plate with chips and serve alongside your favorite salsa and Guac!
This chip sombrero is perfect for any Cinco de Mayo party or fiesta. Make them as centerpieces for your party, or just really fun serving platters. Go have fun with it!

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