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Latte Art with Gevalia Cappuccino

Latte Art with Gevalia Cappuccino
I am a member of the Collective Bias Social Fabric Community. While creating a few caffeinated works of art, this blog has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client.
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With all the time I spend working at home, i tend to keep close company with my coffee pot. It’s not chatty, but I appreciate a little silence when the kids aren’t home. I could jump in the car and drive the 2.35 miles (yes, this coffee fiend knows the exact distance) and visit my local coffee shop to get my fix, but there’s something about indulging yourself with a cup of gourmet coffee sipped out of a porcelain mug that you’re holding with both hands that you get to enjoy while you relax. That is, not out of a paper cup one-handed while swerving through traffic.
coffee art-4
Since I got one of those fancy Keurig single serve coffee machines, a little indulgence in my daily cuppa joe has been taken to a whole new level. For a fraction of the cost and hassle of a coffee house drink, I enjoy my cappuccino and mocha every day. I admit to being pretty excited about having the chance to check out the Gevalia Cappuccinos–seriously, as if insta-serve single cup gourmet coffee wasn’t enough, you can now get a nice frothy coffee drink in less time than it takes to say super tall half-caf double whip mocha macchiato. Bliss!

It’s no great surprise that I like to make simple things just a little extra special…so after I brewed up what was seriously the best single serve coffee ever, I made a little coffee art. With a side of miniature doughnuts covered in chocolate sprinkles. But that is a post for another day! Love this blank canvas…

coffee art-6

As I said, making the Gevalia Cappucinos and Gevalia Mocha Lattes is an incredibly quick process. You pour the cappuccino froth pack into your mug, place the k-cup and start brewing.

coffee art-3

Seconds later, your indulgence is done. But since the Gevalia latte drinks aren’t made with freshly foamed milk (who has time for that??) this particular coffee art has to be done with something that lays on top of the foam. I tried cinnamon, cocoa powder, hot cocoa mix, and colored sugar granules with stencils. All worked, but my standout favorite was chocolate syrup.

coffee art-10

Making your own coffee art this way is pretty easy. I used a disposable pastry bag to pipe chocolate syrup onto the foam. You need to cut a pretty small hole in the tip of the bag, as you want it to come out in the thinnest layer possible so the syrup doesn’t sink to the bottom.

coffee art-11

Once you have the piping down, go crazy! Celebrate fall with a  few themed pictures in your drink.

coffee art-12coffee art-16

Or make an homage to Gevalia.

coffe art hearts

If you run a couple swirls of chocolate around in a circle in your mug, you can take a knife or stick and slice through the middle to make a heart. And then pipe a few more on just for good measure.

coffee art-7

If you click over to, you can pick up a $1.50 off a box of the cappuccino/latte Gevalia K-cups to make this everyday indulgence even more affordable. If you decide you love Gevalia (as much as I now do) and want to follow them, you can catch them on Twitter and Facebook.

gevalia latte art #cupofkaffe #shop

See my shopping trip to pick up the Gevalia Cappucino K-Cups here!

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Thursday 24th of October 2013

Those sugar sprinkle donuts looks pretty amazing, too! Can't wait to see a tutorial on those.


Friday 25th of October 2013

Maybe soon, Tenessa!


Thursday 24th of October 2013


Looks so delicious! Makes me want a cuppa joe :)