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Monster Valentine Card Box and Monster Valentine Card with Cricut Maker

Monster Valentine Card Box and Monster Valentine Card with Cricut Maker
This monster valentine card box post was sponsored by Cricut. All thoughts, feelings and ideas are my own. Affiliate links ahead–they cost you nothing, but help keep my content free!

One of my more popular post this time of year is for a Valentine’s Day card box to use for valentines in the classroom. I was thrilled to put my Cricut Maker to use with it’s super cool scoring wheel to make a monstrous monster valentines box. In fact, I got so excited, I made three!

buying a box for your valentine card box

You don’t need much besides paper and a box to make these Valentine card boxes. I went to the craft store and bought photo boxes. You know, the ones that always seem to be on sale? They were only two dollars apiece, and as I could not find a shoe box, they were perfect!

Buying a box has its benefits–you may have the option of picking a colored one to use. If you don’t buy a box, that’s fine too! Cover your box in wrapping paper, or you can use your Cricut Maker to cut paper panels to fit the sides of the box after taking a few measurements.

My favorite Valentines monster was the monster I affectionately named Gertrude the Grumbly. I just can’t get over the tentacles!! And the hairy eyeballs!! Both make her an absolute darling.

rainbows, dreamers and the cricut connection

You’ve heard it before, but man, this Cricut Maker makes some pretty cool things possible. The adaptive tool system allows for so many different kinds of projects, and the Cricut Scoring Wheel was a key player in making these paper Valentine projects possible.

I honestly thought I would never ever have a use for the Cricut Scoring Wheel, but I’ve used it more than any of the other tools. It places very nice and very deep creases. Folding the paper is so much easier with precise, deep scoring! When you are making a whole bunch of envelopes (or need a whole bunch of little Valentine monster arms to bend easily,) the Cricut Scoring Wheel is going to be your BFF.

As for the graphics in this project…I would love to say I designed them all on my own, but I used Design Space as a jumping off point. Gertrude monster was originally a card for Halloween, but we are cleverly changing that to a Valentines theme. Later on in the post I will show you how to make the matching card to go with the Valentines box. Exciting, right? But first, we’ll make a MONSTER Valentine’s Day Card Box.

DIY Monster Valentine Box - Gertrude the Grumbly

DIY Monster Valentine Box - Gertrude the Grumbly

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes

DIY your classroom Valentine box with Cricut! Transform a photo box into a loveable monster with a few sheets of paper. You can choose to make this loveable monster sparkly or with matte papers. This pattern should fit most shoebox size boxes. If your box is bigger (or smaller!) adjust the design in the canvas.


  1. Open project file.
  2. Use scoring wheel and fine point blade to score and cut the project pieces.
  3. Fold the tentacles along the score lines. Assemble and glue together as shown in the photos. Don't forget the heart in the tentacle!
  4. Assemble eyeballs.
  5. Trace a rectangle onto the part of the box where you would like the hole for dropping Valentines in to be. Use the Cricut TruControl Knife to cut the hole out of the box. Use several passes of the blade rather than a single pass so that the edges do not become ragged.
  6. Optional--use a sharpie to color the cut cardboard edges black to add a little more polish to Gertrude monster.
  7. Place the teeth to the inside of the box and adhere with tape, glue stick or hot glue.
  8. With the lid on the box, glue the eyes to the front and top of the box.
  9. Bend the horns along the score lines. Glue the horns to the top; the bent portion will be where you glue the horns to the box.
  10. Glue the tentacles to the side of the box.
  11. Add extra hearts, etc. as you see fit.

More monsters valentine boxes!

Sometimes, I get on a roll and I can’t help but design another two or three of something! These handsome monsters are Ralph and Larry. Because, why not?

Aren’t they cute??

Assembly is easy for both of Ralph and Larry. Just glue the pieces together until they look like the photos.

The caveat? If you use the Cricut Sparkle paper or glitter paper, you’ll want to use hot glue to put them together, as the glue sticks don’t really stick to these materials.

These monsters are is also bigger than the standard 12×12 pieces of paper, so they’ve been split into two pieces.

For Ralph, just tuck the legs up under the body after you glue the body to the box. And same as with Gertrude, use the TrueControl knife to cut the slot in the top of the box.

For Larry, his body is in two separate pieces. Glue these to the box before you begin assembly. Then use the TrueControl knife to cut the slot in the top of the box and finish putting the parts together!

Monster valentine’s day cards

There is a little more work to make these then a simple cut and paste and done. It’s more like cut and cut and cut and cut and paste and paste and paste and paste. Totally doable, and I think it worth the effort! If it wasn’t worth it, I would tell you that, too. It’s the details that make them great. One of the things I love about these cards is that the monster holds in his tentacles in word and he holds a little hard that says XOXO.

You can also use sparkly papers to make these valentines, but I don’t really recommend it, as we will be gluing some very small pieces and glue sticks do not generally stick well to glitter paper.

Monster Valentine Cards with Cricut

Monster Valentine Cards with Cricut

If you plan on making numerous copies of this particular Valentine, I recommend finding 12 x 24“ card stock (available through Cricut), as it prevents having to change the tools out frequently. Much more convenient to score and cut one or two times!


  1. Open up the project file in design space. Right now the message on the Valentine says “EYE am wild about you! Love, Paula." Now, if your name is Paula that works out really well for you. But my guess is that you and/or your kid's name is not Paula. The words are changable, so go in there right now and type in a new name (and message if you choose.) You'll need a couple of pens to make these Valentines--just follow the prompts on the screen for when to put them in.
  2. Get cutting! Hit the "make it" button. On the next screen, in the upper left hand corner choose how many valentines you’re going to make. I recommend just setting the number there in the corner of this page for project copies rather than making a bajillion copies in your Design Space file. Design Space will have a much easier time with it. When you start cutting, anytime be scoring the wheel needs to be used, your machine will pause and the instructions on your computer (or iPad or phone screen) will say to put in the Cricut scoring wheel. Do this and then press the blinking "C". After the Maker is done putting the score lines onto the paper, it will pause again. This time it is asking you to put the fine point blade back in. Do this and then hit the blinking C and the cutting will finish.
  3. These pieces are small because they are classroom Valentine card sized (tiny), so you will likely need your spatula tool to help lift those tiny pieces off your sticky mat. Using the spatula keeps them from tearing or warping when removed.
  4. This little monster has lots of layers. Not unlike an onion. I recommend stacking the white purple and pink pieces on top of each other to make sure they are all facing the right direction before you start blooming. Yes, I did make that mistake myself and had to throw away some pieces.
  5. The white piece goes on the bottom, and the purple piece with tentacles, and then the pink piece with the tentacles cut out. Glue these three together.
  6. Use the score lines made by the cricket scoring wheel to bend in the tentacle arms.
  7. Turn Gertrude monster over and lay her back down on your work surface. Match the tentacle pieces for the back to the right and left tentacles, then glue them down. I like to use a scrap piece of paper to protect the table from the glue.
  8. Turn Gertrude monster back at it over and add the eyeball, assembled first of course, the heart, and your valentines saying. Let the glue dry a minute or two before you fold the arms in.
  9. To make the envelope, fold both pieces along their score lines. Glue the rectangle or bottom of the purple piece to the top of the pink envelope piece. The purple piece will be the flap of the envelope when they are attached. Fold in the side flaps and use the glue dots or a bit of hot glue to attach the bottom flap to the side (you will only need to glue about halfway up the tabs). Don’t use glue stick for envelope sides as it will not stay securely attached.

Fold in Gertrude's arms, have your kid signed their name to the back, and gently placed your little DIY monster in the nifty handmade envelope. Valentines done!

Two great classroom Valentine’s Day projects from one great machine! Can’t wait to hear about YOUR monsters…and if you decide to give one or two of them a name, let me know, I’d love to hear!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

Paula Biggs

Owner at Frog Prince Paperie
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Ana Moreno

Wednesday 8th of February 2023

Do you have a link for the monster cards


Tuesday 11th of January 2022

I clicked on Ralph but it gives me the design for the other monster.

Paula Biggs

Thursday 13th of January 2022

Thanks for letting me know! I've updated the file link and it should work now :)

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