Vampires vs. Werewolves – a Twilight Halloween Party


Are you a fan of sparkly vampires, or do you run with the werewolves? Hanging out with either is sure to be a frightfully good time!! In this teen-oriented Halloween party originally published in Yum! Food and Fun for Kids Magazine, we took a few clues from the so-en-vougue vampire book series, Twilight.  Highlights of our vampire vs. werewolf party:

vampires vs weres

Having a party theme like “Twilight” one gives you a lot to work with matching food (and decor!) to theme. Black, white and red made up the color palette. As a super duper inexpensive party decoration, I used dollar store red plastic table cloths and draped the ceiling with them to create an eerie mood in the room. A few sheets of glitter paper were cut up to spell out “team vampire” and “team werewolf” as back drop decorations. (Click here to get the lettering as a free printable!) Simple, but it all added up to lots of drama!

twilight-27twilight-3 twilight-18

twilight-4 twilight-5blog posttwilight-26twilight-8

These darling little red and white striped cups were sent over by Just Sugar Coat It. They were perfect for individual portions of “werewolf kibble!”


While our teenage party goers were enjoying the food, we put out some fun photo props to play with. Fangs for vampires and some fun werewolf gloves for the furry fans. We also had a couple of fun games on hand to get all the kids to mix and mingle.

Want to download the FREE TWILIGHT PRINTABLES that were used in these photos? Click over to this post!



  1. Great Halloween theme. Great layout, as usual it is all so interesting.

  2. Tracy Morgan-Forte says:

    I love this!! They don’t really celebrate Halloween here like back home but this is giving me party ideas for those of us who still enjoy a good scare or two.. Team Jacob!!! LOL!

  3. Lots of great details! i especially love the Type A and Type O on the bottles!

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