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Addressing Invitations: Calligraphy How-Tos and Help from the Pros

 This post is sponsored by the good folks at Shutterfly, but all thoughts, opinions and ideas are mine. But if I didn’t love this company, I wouldn’t write about them!


No doubt that a beautifully addressed invitation is eye catching. They peek out of the stack of otherwise uninteresting mail and grab you and beg to be opened first, because what is inside is bound to be good!  For most of us, we need a few calligraphy how-tos or to hire a professional calligrapher %20 order to get a look of this caliber, but that’s ok! This post is all about where to go find calligraphy resources on the web. The perfect place to test out some of those new (or hired) calligraphic skills? A Save-the-Date card from Shutterfly!


Calligraphy has moved to such a creative place it is super trendy anywhere writing is done at events–invitations, menus, tented labels, table numbers, signs and on an on. Gone are the days where calligraphy was limited to ancient archive looking text; calligraphy has definitely gone modern and makes its own rules. It can be big and loopy or tight and controlled, with or without flourishes. And all so much fun to look at.

Free Calligraphy Tutorials

I am by no means an expert at calligraphy; in fact I employ more of the Cheater’s Calligraphy that The Postman’s Knock shows in her blog. But it’s always fun to learn a new skill, and calligraphy is one that anyone can learn…with a little practice. If you’re writing out your Save the Date cards, and want to learn just enough to get by, check out one of the links in the free calligraphy tutorial list to learn a few strokes to get started.


Wedding-Calligraphy-Resources-1Wedding-Calligraphy-Resources-6Bracket Trim Save the Date


Free Calligraphy Tutorials


Wedding-Calligraphy-Resources-2Scallop Trim Save the Date

Calligraphy Classes Online

Want to get a little more in depth with your calligraphy lessons? There are quite a few places online that offer paid-for classes in calligraphy. It’s always great to have someone to ask questions of when you’re learning something new!


Wedding-Calligraphy-Resources-3 Wedding-Calligraphy-Resources-5Ticket Trim Save the Date

Hire a Professional Calligrapher to Address Envelopes

Sometimes you just don’t want to learn something new. Sometimes you just want someone to do it for you, and that is a perfectly valid feeling. If calligraphy is just not going to be your bag, but you want your Save the Date cards and invitations to be full of calligraphic flair, there are plenty of people out there who are pure artists at their calligraphy craft. I’ve curated a list of a few you might want to pop in to see if you’re looking for calligraphy services!

Of course, Calligraphy can be used for so much more than Save the Date cards. Bridal showers, baby showers and fancy birthdays would all look fabulous in swirls! What is the best calligraphy piece you’ve ever seen?

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