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Art Deco Table Numbers Using the Cricut Maker Engraving Tool

Art Deco Table Numbers Using the Cricut Maker Engraving Tool

Cricut just came out with FOUR new and amazing tools to go with it can do everything crafty for you Cricut Maker. While they are all seriously cool, I was most in awe of the engraving tool. It feels a little like “is there anything this machine CAN’T do??” when you watch it starting to work.

I am waiting for it to start doing laundry soon. I feel like that might be the next great step for the Cricut Maker. While I am waiting for that to happen, I am going to show you how to make these elegant Art Deco Table Numbers using the Cricut Maker engraving tool

the new Cricut maker engraving tool

Just like all the other tools in its adaptive use tool line, the engraving tool is super simple to swap out for the other blades while you are making projects. I’ve seen dog tags and a number of other pretty awesome things engraved by this machine, so it’s super flexible with what it can engrave on.

The cardinal rule of the Maker is that it’s got to fit on the mat and be less than 3/32″ thick, so you can knock yourself out figuring up new and amazing things to engrave. Cricut has a line of aluminum plates that you can pick up to use until you figure out that really wild thing you can’t wait to put your mark on. 

the new cricut maker debossing tool and other new tools

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the debossing tool. That tool was also amazing and I’m currently trying to figure out in my mind the perfect project to show off how cool it is.

While I was messing around, I carved this cute little whale into a scrap piece of bass wood. The debossing tool does the same sort of thing for paper. Think seals, invitation embellishment, artworks…and on and on.

The other two tools now available are the wavy cutter and the perforation tools. I think that these will also be plenty of fun when I get to them for another project!

How to Make Art Deco table numbers

If you need some wedding table numbers, or are doing the roaring twenties or Great Gatsby as a party theme, a few of these Art Deco table numbers are going to look great as part of the table décor.  

DIY Art Deco Table Numbers

DIY Art Deco Table Numbers

Elegant art deco table numbers perfect for weddings or gala decor. Numbers 1-10 pre-prepared. It's easy to make higher numbers; move around the existing desing to create what you need.




Prepare Art Deco Number file in Design Space

After you click this link to open the Art Deco table number Design Space file, it'll open up to show a single table number on the screen.

I've pre-prepared numbers 1-10 in this file, but all but one are hidden. Unhide the images in the right hand column to engrave as needed.

PRO TIP: You have to manually line up your engravings on your mat. Engraving one item at a time will ensure sucess if you are not sure of your skill level with putting down multiple alignments.

Choose the number you'd like to engrave and make it visible on your screen.

Click "Make." Your mat will pop up. Try to center the image within the 5x7 ruler marks and click "continue" in the bottom right corner.

Choose "aluminum sheet" from the materials list. It's go time!

Engraving with the Cricut Maker

When you tape down the aluminum, carefully position it in the top left hand corner of the mat.

PRO TIP: Use painter's tape or washi tape to secure your aluminum sheet to the sticky mat. It's best to use the purple sticky mats for this, but if you don't have one, make sure you do a really good job taping the aluminum to the mat!

Make sure your engraving tool is in the Maker, feed your mat into the machine and click "GO!"

It'll take some time for the engraving to happen. The tool will also sit and spin around a bit every once in awhile--this is totally normal!

Once the engraving is finished, unload the mat. Your plate will have lots of shavings on it. Cricut recommends sandpaper to brush all the scraps away, but I found a cloth did just fine.

Accentuating the Accents

Now, I didn't like how faint the lines were on the silver aluminum. (I hear there will be black and colored aluminum available in the future!)

I used a black dry-erase marker to go over all my engraved lines on the aluminum plate, then wiped off the marker with a cloth.

The bit of ink that settles in the grooves makes the lines pop out. Easy fix!

Assembling the Art Deco Table Numbers

Most of the elements of the table numbers were pre-made.

While I was at the dollar store, I found these motivational quote signs that were already set up perfectly for what I needed to do. The base got painted black.

The top board got wrapped in glitter vinyl. Measure the dimensions of your board, and cut a little more than twice the length, then cut. You can do this by making a shape and cutting it out with your Cricut, or just use a pair of scissors (what I did.) No transfer tape needed, just peel it off the backing and apply it to the board.

Use a little hot glue to adhere the aluminum plate to the center of the glitter vinyl and your Art Deco Table Number is complete!

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How to Make Art Deco Place Cards

If you were to want a few place cards to go with the DIY Art Deco Table Numbers, I did play around and make a tented label that would be perfect with this theme.

There are so many possibilities with the new Cricut Maker tools! I can’t wait to try them all out!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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