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Wine Glass Holder Necklace DIY

It always cracked me up that that these were a thing, but after a wine tasting event where many items were juggled in my hands, I can completely see the need for a DIY wine glass holder necklace. Hands free means it’s easier to take advantage of the appetizer table or shopping! And since this is a Craft Lightning project, it’s going to take you less than 15 minutes to finish…and that’s on the high side.

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How to make a wine glass holder necklace

Disclosure: I have not tested the long-term durability of these necklaces out of felt. I know walking around the house with it slung around my neck it was great. It’s less than a dollar’s worth of materials when you use felt, so I’m ok if the holder might be a one-time use thing. But if I had to guess, I’d say if you used some of Cricut’s lovely leather product you’d get some really long-term use out of this project!


STEP 1: Wine Glass holder Cut and prep!

I’m giving the instructions for the use as a Cricut Project–I included a PDF template if you need to produce this with a pair of scissors but the method really isn’t different beyond the cutting part.

You can cut stiff felt with the deep cut blade setting on your Cricut machine or with the rotary blade on your Cricut Maker. Sadly, I can’t attach everything together to get the SVG file to make the fabric marks for you as well, but if I could that would be awesome!! So we have to go about it another way. After you import your SVG to Design Space, make a duplicate of the shape so two will be cut out. Follow the rest of the prompts to cut out the shapes onto your stiff felt.

Marking the lines is optional, but if you’re not comfortable with winging it when your whip stitching your pieces together, it is best to pull out a ruler and mark off where you want your stitching to go.

Step 2: Put Grommets on your Wine Glass Holder

Honestly, I bought a pair of grommet pliers about two months ago and never thought I would use them as much as I have. They’re handy for putting in snaps as well as grommets, so worth the purchase.

And as long as we’re being honest, EVERY SINGLE TIME I use these dang things I forget how. Yes, that means I ruin something or other before I figure out the right way to put the grommet in. So word to the wise, read your particular instrument’s instructions before use. Maybe every time. Obviously, I’m not the one to tutorial on how to do this at this point! Maybe in a month or two.

Step 3: Sew together your Wine Glass Holder pieces

In real life, I’m not an awesome seamstress. I jimmy rig most things associated with sewing, so I’m not going to get into a complicated sewing thing for these wine holders. Use some embroidery floss to whipstitch together your pieces as shown in this picture. I didn’t try it myself, but I bet hot glue would also work to assemble the pieces.

When you’re done stitching the holder, turn it inside out. It’ll make kind of a V shape.

It’s your option to fancy this thing up in all sorts of ways; you can finish the seams with a little more embroidery work or the edges with some fancy stitching (I like what Albion Gould did with these scissor holders!). Since needlework isn’t really my thing (but I’m insane with a glue gun!!), I’m going to leave all that to your crazy imaginations. But do show me if you do something wild!

Step 4: Embellish your Wine Glass Holder Necklace

15 minute craft here! Go to your craft store and look for the pre-made rosettes and things–they’re usually in the scrap booking section. Glue one of those over the seam with hot glue. (BTW, still in love with my cordless glue gun!)

Step 5: Tie on Ribbon

I used 46 inches of ribbon for the wine glass holder necklaces in the photos–but adjust that for your individual persons. One end goes through each hole and you’ll tie it off. Cut the end of the ribbon at an angle or with a V for a nice finish.

Step 6: Grab Your wine glass!

Now that you have a proper wine glass holder necklace, it’s time to put it to good use!

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Paula Biggs

Owner at Frog Prince Paperie
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Friday 17th of September 2021

I love the idea of this, but I do wish measurements were given. There is a ruler in the picture, but it doesn't say the size to draw line, or maybe a dotted line on the pdf would be helpful, along with where grommet goes. Thanks for giving me inspiration!


Saturday 25th of September 2021

@Ina, if it helps, there are two points on the bottom of the curve where the seam should start. The grommet should go half inch or so from the top center.


Wednesday 31st of January 2018

This is such a cute idea, and would be great for a party!

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Wednesday 31st of January 2018

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Angie Holden

Tuesday 30th of January 2018

This is a great idea for a party!