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St. Patrick’s Day Kid Craft: ShamROCKS

St. Patrick’s Day Kid Craft: ShamROCKS
This post is graciously sponsored by Elmer’s. All thoughts, opinions, ideas, and ramblings are mine. But as always, I never post about products I don’t love and endorse!

My kids get excited about any craft project I might send their way, as do most children. Doubly so when there is glitter involved. While glitter seems to be the bane of existence for some, kids flock to it like little sparkle spewing flies to honey. Mine, especially, seem to have a penchant for shiny things. For our St. Patrick’s Day kid craft you won’t have to drag the Dustbuster around for weeks, because there is no loose glitter involved in this project. Just some really cool glitter glue pens from Elmer’s. They make so much more than white glue!


My son brought home a “pet rock” from school when he was 3. It was decorated with a snatch of curly hair some random marker scratches and two big googly eyes and came nested in a bed of poly-fil in a tiny box. His name was “Wocky Wocky” – mostly because my son couldn’t pronounce his R’s at that point. Wocky Wocky the rock was truly loved. I constantly picked him up out of play areas all over the house. After so much love, he finally lost his eyeballs and went bald…you could only tell he was Wocky by the marker scribbles. With great consideration for his long-term care, I put him outside to hang out with the other rocks after a conversation with my son about where Wocky would be happiest.

That was some simple fun to make for him, and the novelty of the pet rock sure lasted a long time. So here we have the pet rock, updated for St. Patrick’s Day.  And yes, ShamROCKS are just a wee bit punny. Go with it…I promise the jokes don’t get any better!

How to make ShamROCKS: a 15-Minute St. Patrick’s Day Kid Craft




After you have carefully selected your rocks–personally, I went to the craft store and bought a bag of river rocks–free cut a shamrock shape that will fit on top of the rock you’ve chosen. For the kids, you can sketch the shamrock on the paper and have them cut it out if you don’t plan to do that part for them.



This is where they get to be crazy creative. Cover the  rocks in the Elmer’s glitter glue color of your choosing…gold was the popular color this day.



While the glue is still nice and wet, have your kids place the paper shamrock on their rocks and press it into the wet glue so all parts are glued down.



They are basically going to decoupage the paper onto the rock, so after the shamrock is down, have them rub a little bit of Elmer’s white glue on top of the shamrock. Or as little a bit as they can manage. Kids go crazy with Elmer’s glue every time.



While all of you were under a few feet of snow, it was ickily humid here in Florida. We had to wait overnight for our rocks to dry up enough, but once they were, the kids added more Elmer’s glitter glue to the tops of the shamrocks. Hopefully your glue dries faster. Some were glittered green, some gold–we aren’t ones to squash artistic genius. Once they’re done glittering, hand the kids a couple googly eyes to put on their shamROCKS while the glue is still wet.



Perfect pet rock, ahem ShamROCK happiness there!


You can do a tad more adult version of these using only the glitter glue to make glitter shamrocks on the river rocks. I thought they looked lovely tucked in among the flower pots! Just use the Elmer’s glitter glue pen to draw three hearts pointed toward the center of the rock and draw on a stem, then let it dry overnight.



So many fun uses for glitter glue!

Be sure to stop by the Elmer’s website for more crafty ideas and fun products!

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