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Cup full of cheer custom coffee mug for Christmas

Cup full of cheer custom coffee mug for Christmas

This is a paid partnership with The J.M. Smucker Company and Danone. My opinions and ideas for this cup full of cheer custom Christmas mug are my own.

There is really nothing like a perfect cup of coffee. Steaming hot, full of caffeine with a touch of creamer and preferably served in a snarky sort of mug…it’s pure bliss.

The perfect cup of coffee starts my day without fail!  Coffee isn’t just for mornings, though.  Any time of day a cup full of caffeinated cheer is great, and it’s a great social beverage which also makes it great for entertaining!

When I have coffee in the morning, I really love a good dark roast. It just so happens that Target started carrying a line of coffee by Folger’s Coffee Co. called 1850™ Brand Coffee that’s made with fire-roasted, steel-cut coffee beans. This line has a deliciously brilliant dark roast coffee that I love that is perfect for morning sips or for entertaining company. All that attention to detail Folgers pays to roasting the coffee beans makes for a bold and smooth taste I’m more than happy to serve.

While my husband may drink his coffee straight up, I’m not made of such stern stuff and much prefer mine with a bit of creamer in it. My husband would tell you that I really like a bit of coffee with my creamer, but that’s not true.

I just like a good healthy splash Horizon Organic half-and-half creamer, enough to make it a lighter color. The creamy rich mouth feel of the half-and-half mellows out some of the acidy part of the coffee and it makes for a smooth drinking experience. And a good morning all around.

You can pick both the 1850 Brand coffee and Horizon Organic half and half creamer up at Target while you’re doing some holiday decor shopping! The Target app will have Cartwheel offers on these brands from 11/11 –12/22 where you can save up to 20% on coffee & creamer products! Click here for more info.

How to make a cup full of cheer custom coffee mug

Call me a snob, I’m a little picky about my coffee mugs. I have a special set I love to drink out of, and new ones only get inducted into the said if they are the right weight, and they have something on them that is funny or amuses me.

This cup full of cheer mug meets my standards because it’s happy, and really a great segue to the holidays. Knowing me, I’ll probably use it for ALL the holidays clear through July.

Target happens to carry a line of wonderful blank coffee mugs that I love to use for customizations. They are the perfect hand size, weight and thickness and my usual go-to for custom coffee cups.

Making a custom coffee mug yourself is super easy, but you need a cutting machine like a Cricut to do it. I’m providing you a free Christmas SVG to get you started!

cup full of cheer Materials:

  • White Target coffee mug
  • Red foil vinyl
  • Cup full of cheer free Christmas SVG file (click to download)
  • Transfer tape

Whenever I do a personalization project, the first step is always to measure the area of the mug or T-shirt, etc. that I am going to put my vinyl on. So go ahead and figure out how large your vinyl decal needs to be in the end first.

Upload the free SVG file to your cutting machines design software, adjust the size of the Cup full of Cheer image to fit your coffee cup, then cut out the red foil vinyl.

Weed the vinyl and get rid of the discarded a bit. Cut a piece a transfer tape to fit over the vinyl design.

Peel the transfer tape from the white backing, and place it over the vinyl.

Take a credit card or scraper and rub the transfer tape firmly onto the vinyl.

When you’re ready to transfer the vinyl to the mug, lift the clear transfer tape from the vinyl’s backing. With luck, all the vinyl will come up at once! If it doesn’t, lay it right back down and rub down the vinyl some more so it sticks to the transfer tape.

When all the vinyl comes up on the transfer tape, place the vinyl where are you would like it on the mug. Get out the scraper again and rub the vinyl to stick to the mug. Keep rubbing until all the vinyl is good and stuck to the cup!

After all the vinyl has been transferred to the mug, peeled up the transfer tape.

Your mug is now done and ready for some 1850 coffee mixed with a bit of Horizon organic half-and-half creamer. The perfect cup of coffee and cup of cheer! Make a set, and be party ready!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Danone and JM Smucker. The opinions and text are all mine.


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