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How to Use the Cricut Mug Press

How to Use the Cricut Mug Press

With the release of the new product, you’re going to want to know how to use the Cricut Mug Press! Cricut really has made it simple, and it’s nearly foolproof they way they’ve designed it. The Mug Press is going to make gift-giving so much easier!!

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Next Level Gift Giving

Along with the neat little Mug Press, Cricut sent about three dozen mugs to play with. Instead of covertly dropping them on neighbor’s doorsteps like unwanted zucchini in the middle of the night, I started making designs for friends and family. Like these….(front and backs!)

My oldest got a hedgehog mug, and today, my friend Nicole is getting a set of yoga themed mugs. The making process is so neat, I’m a little addicted to making them now, so the dozens didn’t last as long as I thought they might. I’ve gotten a HUGE kick out of this little machine. Every time I unwrap another mug from pressing, I get giddy and do a little dance. I promise I’ll spare you the video, but it’s really exciting to see something so professional looking come out of something I made myself.

Why Cricut Mug Press

For me, it’s safety and size.The big heat press things have always worried me a bit as I am admittedly a giant injury-prone klutz. The Cricut Mug Press is designed to be safe—you still have to be careful, but the hot parts aren’t easy to touch unless you’re really trying. It’s also really portable and fits easily up on the shelf (or closet) when not in use.

100% permanent personalized mugs in minutes for any occasion. I’m going to give this yoga mug to my friend Nicole and know that she can stick it in the dishwasher and there no chance of the image rubbing off. The mugs come in the 12 oz and 15 oz sizes so you can create for both tea and coffee lovers.

Cricut really has designed this product for gift-giving–the 15oz mug size comes in their own box, so you can personalize the outside of the box to further delight recipients.

The mugs are made for use with the Infusible Ink line. They’ve cut the sheets to perfect mug-sized strips for you so there’s less waste, and there’s also a huge number of Infusible Ink pens to work with.

Seriously, the hardest part of using the Mug Press the last few weeks has been narrowing it down to just ONE design to cut and use. The sleek little press makes it virtually fool proof to create a custom mug. 

There’s a single button and one-touch settings that apply perfect heat and pressure to transfer the Infusible Ink, so there’s less room for error. ((It’s like they were thinking of me when they came up with it LOL))

Cricut Design space has a template for making mugs, and you can choose one of five finishes for your edge–here are four of them.

How to Use the Cricut Mug Press

Now that I’ve reviewed all the cool features of the mug press, let’s see how to actually put it to use. This project is going to focus on using the Infusible Ink Sheets for making mugs. I’ll show you how the pens work with the press soon.

How to Use the Cricut Mug Press

How to Use the Cricut Mug Press


Creating a Mug Design

If you're creating your own design from scratch, open the Mug Design Setup in Design Space.

If you scroll down, you'll see the option to choose the size of the mug you'll be creating as well as styles for the finished edge of the Infusible Ink paper. I'm a fan of all of them, but for this tutorial on how to use the Cricut Mug Press, I'll be using the 15 oz large ripped edge template.

The Design Space canvas will populate with this image. Notice there is a layer that says "Hide this layer before cutting." The layer is there to help you center your images on the face of your mug. Once you're done designing, just click the eye to hide it away.

The other two layers are important to keep around. The green part is where the Infusible Ink sheet will actually be. The other layer is a double cut that will cut all the way through the Infusible Ink sheet to make a perfectly sized wrapper to fit your mug--it's quite clever!

Since I'm making this mug for my yogi friend, I searched the image catalog for a lotus flower and found this really pretty one. I resized it to fit the template and centered it on one side of the cup using the guidelines. Then I hid the guide line later.

Select all the layers and click "Attach" at the bottom. If you want to only use part of the image like I did in the second mug I made, you'll need to slice and remove the excess pieces of image before cutting. At this point, you're ready to cut!

How to put Infusible Ink on your sticky mat

One of the hardest parts of using Infusible Ink to me is keeping my fingers off the surface of the sheet. If you're unfamiliar with Infusible Ink, the oils in your skin can remove the ink from the paper if you touch it. But without touching it, it's hard to get the paper to stick to the sticky mat to cut it out!

I didn't have much choice but to figure out a way to make things work--the solution was actually pretty simple. I used the XL scraper to gently press the Infusible Ink sheet to the sticky mat. And I love how one sheet of the mug press sized Infusible Ink is the perfect size for one mug! No waste!

Cutting your image

After your machine is loaded up, click "Make" and go through the steps to get your Cricut machine to cut. Choose Infusible Ink for your material, then BE SURE TO MIRROR YOUR IMAGE BEFORE YOU CUT! You can use the Maker, Explore Air 2 or the Joy to cut Infusible Ink.

Usually, you can just crack the Infusible Ink sheets and your image pops off the paper, but the lotus flower was a bit fine so I had to use my weeding tool to get all the nooks and crannies out of my design. Take the pieces off either end while you're weeding and you'll have a little sticky handle to wrap around your mug in the next step.

Wrapping the mug in Infusible Ink sheets

Cricut recommends wiping down the mug with an alcohol wipe and using a lint roller along the surface to remove any stray dust that will keep the ink from sticking to the mug. You probably should do that. I forgot, but it was fine. That's a definitely a couple steps to take if you want a guaranteed good result.

My preferred way of wrapping the mug with the infusible ink is to put the mug in the middle of the wrap and then bring either end of the wrap to the handle. Some things to watch for:

  1. Make sure the ends are centered around the mug handle
  2. Be sure the top and bottom of the wrap align with the top and bottom of the mug
  3. Be sure the wrap is tight against the mug
  4. Press down on the cut images to be sure they will have crisp edges from being close to the mug when pressed.

It's really not complicate, you just have to pay a bit of attention while you're putting the wrap on.

One touch pressing

The Cricut Mug Press is SO MUCH EASIER to use than the heat press with Infusible Ink. I literally want to make a new mug every day because it's not difficult at all to do. Press the button on the top of the machine to turn it on. When the light turns green, slide your mug in, making sure it's positioned so the Infusible Ink sheet will be covered when pressing. Press down on the lever on the top of the mug press, then wait for the beep!

Cool it down and unwrap

When the Cricut Mug Press beeps, your mug is ready to come out. Lift the lever, then carefully lift out the mug. The mug is going to be VERY HOT. I recommend using something like your heat press pad or a pot holder to put it on while it cools so it doesn't scorch your table.

The mug and Infusible Ink do have to cool down before you unwrap. It's pure torture, I know, but you have to wait to make sure everything has settled onto your surface correctly and you don't get any unwanted ghosting. Once it's cool, though, simply peel the sticky end off and reveal that amazing image you just made!

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If you’re a gift-giver that wants to up your game, you can find the Cricut Mug Press for purchase on the Cricut website starting March 11th! #CricutMugPress #CricutMade

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