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Crafts for Kids to do at Home

Crafts for Kids to do at Home

Crafts for kids to do at home are a real sanity saver. Things can get a little chaotic without a few things for kids to do at home, so I’ve rounded up all my favorite kid craft projects that I’ve created over the years. Hopefully, this list of easy kid crafts will fill some time and get your kids engaged!

DIY Fishing Game

This craft project has appeared in countless magazines and websites–kids love it that much. It’s not a complicated project to put together, but it does take a fair bit of time. To make the DIY fishing game, you’ll print, punch, sew and stuff…paper! It’s a craft for kids to do a home for the 4-8 range. After the kids are done making the fish and you help with the fishing pole, they can play matching game fish.

Dollar Store Rainbow Streamers

Great for backyard running around! The kids can use their safety scissors to cut strips of plastic tablecloths. With a little help from mom and dad, they can thread the streamers through old (or new) jump rope handle to make a toy that is SO FUN to run with.

Recycled Tin Can Stilts

This kid craft does need a bit of assistance from mom and dad to complete, but it’s another craft project that is more about the playing after than the creating itself. Set the kids up to paint a couple of identical tin cans, then mom and dad will punch some holes and thread some string to make stilts. And you have insta-stilts that are take practice to walk in–but they’ll love feeling taller all at once! It’s a great craft project for kids at home.


You may have to hit up Amazon to get the materials to make these Scribblebots, but it’s worth it! It’s a STEM lesson and hours of scribbling fun after.

Sock Cat Craft

These were originally made as Halloween craft, but they can really be for any time of year! Find socks without mates and whip up a new friend. This kid craft is good for 9 and up, as there is a needle and thread involved in creating these fluffy toys.

Spinner Art

Another great STEM activity! If you make the Scribblebots above, you can recycle your bots to make spinners to make little pieces of art.

A great Christmas kid craft to make pretty stained glass pieces out of Dollar Store Frames!

Stained Glass Windows

The tutorial for Stained Glass Windows is set up for a Christmas craft, but you can make it an any time of year kid craft project with a change of picture. The basic idea is to use the glass from a dollar store frame to paint with glitter glue. Once the glue is dry, the kids can outline their picture with a sharpie, or just place it back in the frame to go catch the sun!

Kid craft project for rainy days! Canvas hand painting and easy clean-up craft project

Kid Craft Hands-on Canvas Project

If there is one thing I have learned in the past few weeks about kids, it’s that they love paint. Here are directions to create a painting the kids can do on their own. There’s a little blending, a little tracing and cutting, and lots of happy kids with paint brushes.

An easy tutorial for all ages to make your own personalized ice cream bowls for #SundaeSunday !

Painted Ice Cream Bowls

Who doesn’t love a personalized bowl? We picked some white bowls up from the Dollar Tree, and used glass paint to create these custom bowls. I fully admit, we don’t usually use them for ice cream, but cereal and just about anything else that can be had in a bowl. But they are definitely loved by the family.

Toilet Paper Roll Crab

While toilet paper may be an endangered species, empty toilet paper rolls are not. Create a cute little crab with this toilet paper roll craft by adding some googly eyes and pipe cleaners. An easy to put together kid craft they can do on their own.

Pikachu Ears

This was a party craft, but most of you are probably like me and pulling out every craft for kids you can think of. Making a few costumes for some games of make-believe are big on my entertainment list. Pikacuhu from Pokemon is a character most kids would love to have a pair of ears from. And if you have a few Pokemon fans in your house, I have all manner of Pokemon Games to check out here on the site so you can make an afternoon of it.

Transformer Headbands

Same idea as the Pikachu ears, but for little Transformer fans!

DIY Noisemakers for Drive-by Parties

While this says “New Year’s Eve” — substitute any party you throw in the noisemaker title! Recently, lots of people have taken to having parades by driving by celebrant’s houses with noise makers and posters. This is the perfect little activity to get the kids involved in as a kid craft to get prepared. Make your ribbons and beads colorful instead of silver and gold and your DIY noisemakers will be suitable for any occasion.

Foam Fingers and Megaphones

Another great idea for those drive-by parades! Not just for football season.

Family movie night with The Boxtrolls

Popcorn Boxes

Set up a movie night where the kids craft up their own little popcorn boxes. It’ll add to the family movie night fun.

Shamrock Rocks

Kind of like painting rocks, use glitter glue and googly eyes to make a pet rock. Or shamrock, as it were. It’s probably not St. Patrick’s Day when you’re reading this post, so know you can substitute any kind of decoration for the shamrock…the important part is the glitter and the eyeballs. It was the kid’s favorite part when we first did this activity.

Pokemon Painted Rocks

Yes, I have painted rock ideas, too! These are for all the Pokemon lovers out there.

Star Wars Costumes

Headbands can make quite a few different Star War characters come to life for your kids. In this post, I show how to make Yoda, Princess Leia and an Ewok.

Cupcake Bath Bombs

This craft will certainly need some adult supervision, but if you have a pre-teen in your house, she’ll love making the bath bombs up for herself and everyone she knows. You can make them without the frosting top and they’re just fine, and the cupcake shape is much easier to achieve for youngsters than a molded ball.


I’ll add to this list of craft projects for kids at home as time goes on, so check back!!

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