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Kid Craft: Canvas Hand Painting Project

Kid Craft: Canvas Hand Painting Project
This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Wet-Nap®, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #ConquerTheMess

The longer summer goes on, the more time it feels like we have to fill. While we love the pool and the beach and all the other amusements of summer, we do get our fair share of rainy days where we have to whip up a couple of activities to keep the natives peaceful. To fill the better part of an afternoon, I came up with a fun kid craft activity in this canvas hand painting project. Both of my artists thought this was incredibly cool and loved learning a few ways to work paint on a real canvas. It’s an easy clean-up craft with a few Wet-Nap® wipes!



I feel like this picture kind of looks like those class project pictures after the wine and paint classes. We had a few juice boxes during our hand painting, so I guess it might be the same thing, kid style!



There’s lots of room for creativity in this painting, from the way the background is painted, to the placement of the hands on the canvas, to whether or not you want to include a name when you’re done.

As far as the canvases themselves go, pick up any size you feel like. The method will be the same. You can find packages of 6 canvases for around $12 at the craft store if you’re thrifty and acrylic paint is 50 cents to a dollar, so this is also an inexpensive craft for the kids to do.

To make this an easy clean-up craft and not one of those super messes you so love, be sure to lay down papers or cardboard or something paint isn’t going to soak through on your work surface.  It’s also a good idea to keep some Wet-Nap® wipes on hand to clean up any stray paint as you go. I usually shop for mine at Wal-Mart.

How to Kid Craft a Canvas Hand Painting


  • Blank canvas
  • 1-2 sheets of cardstock
  • Three shades of the same color paint (i.e. blue or purple)
  • Black paint



Before your artists get started, pour out a little bit of paint in each of the colors for them. You can use any color you want here, it’s just going to work best for the kids to use shades of the same color when they’re blending. Mostly so they don’t end up with brown from mixing up colors. I like to recycle the foam trays my veggies and meats come in from the store for paint trays usually, but was out of them (and paper plates!) today, so I used a big sheet of freezer paper for the palette. For easy clean-up, the whole palette goes in the trash when we’re done.



To make the background of the painting, have them choose a color then start making a swirl. As their paintbrush runs out of paint, they can dip in a different color (or the same color) and keep adding the paint to the outside of their swirl.



Encourage the paint to overlap so that the colors have a chance to blend and so all the white spaces are covered.



Of course, NOT blending is ok, too! New techniques are fun, but not at the cost of brilliant artistic expression. Keep adding paint until the entire canvas is covered. And don’t forget to paint the sides of the canvas! Then pause for a juice box and snack while you let the paint dry. If you’re using acrylics, it shouldn’t take too long. To make the paint dry more quickly, you can blast the canvas with a hair dryer and it will be ready for the next step in a snap.




Most children will have managed to get paint somewhere on themselves by this point in the project. Or the paint will be everywhere if you’re one of my super messy kids. And the very reason I always keep a canister of Wet-Nap® Hand Wipes close by during painting. Those messes are creative minds at work, so I don’t mind a little stray paint here and there.



Wet-Nap®wipes are perfect for quickly cleaning up super messy hands and keep any kids with wet paint on their appendages spreading paint in the bathroom. They are absolutely brilliant at containing messes! And the mom in me loves how they are a totally safe product for the kids to use.



After the kids have been juiced and thoroughly Wet-Napped, you can move on to the next step. Have the artist put their hand down on a sheet of card stock and trace it then cut it out. Repeat for the other hand.



Lay your cut out hands on the canvas in the arrangement you like, then trace around them with a pencil.



Once there is an outline, just use the black paint to fill in the hands. Add the artist’s name, if desired.

If they’re too young to fill in the hands on their own, they may need a little help from an adult. The background is still 100% their creation, so it’ll still be a painting they can be proud of!


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Paula Biggs

Owner at Frog Prince Paperie
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Sunday 2nd of August 2015

These are awesome! I would love for you to share at this weeks parties Sunday through Thursday! Have a terrific week!

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Monday 13th of February 2017

Hi sweetie this is so gorgeous I love these papers they are sooooo pretty. Fabulous stamp shug & the dies look fabuloose lol.Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

Tara @ Lehman lane

Sunday 2nd of August 2015

Your kids look so happy and proud of their artwork! I love the idea of them using real canvases. I will definitely be picking some up next time I am at the craft store. Thanks so much for sharing your project at Dream. Create. Inspire. Link. Take care, Tara

Ros Emely@stressfreemommies

Wednesday 29th of July 2015

This such a cute and fun idea!

Nikki @ Tikkido

Wednesday 22nd of July 2015

Kids are experts at getting messy, aren't they? Especially when there's paint involved (but it's just so fun and enriching!). Those wipes are spectacularly handy to have around.