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Easy Pokemon Party Games and Pokemon Party Activities

Easy Pokemon Party Games and Pokemon Party Activities

Having one or two Pokemon party games planned to go along with a Pokemon birthday party is almost a requirement! Games for a game-themed party, right?  You can turn almost any game into a Pokemon birthday party game and any activity into a Pokemon party activity with a little creativity!

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Pokemon party games and Pokemon party activity ideas for your Pokemon birthday party!

Case in point…for the Pokemon party that went on at our house (see the Pokemon Birthday Party Ideas post here), we combined crafts, activity sheets and minute-to-win-it type games and called them all “Pokemon Training Activities.” The kids (our Pokemon Trainers) had different stations to complete throughout the party. At the end, once they finished all the Pokemon activities, they were given Pokemon Trainer certificates that made them official Pokemon trainers.

The Pokemon Trainer certificates  are an easy add to your party, cost next to nothing, and are really a thrill for your kids. If you’re interested in the entire set of party printables that includes the signs, Pokemon activity sheets, trainer certificates and more, see the printable party pack here.

Pokemon Party game ideas

From start to finish, here is how we ran our Pokemon party games to give you a few ideas for your own Pokemon birthday bash.


Pikachu Ears Party Craft

Party guests, unfortunately, do not all arrive at once. So while we were waiting for all our friends to get to our Pokemon party, each arrival was set to making themselves a set of Pikachu ears. Big big hit. Most kids wore their Pikachu ears the whole party through. Because I really and truly love my readers, I have a tutorial and free downloadable template to make DIY Pokemon Pikachu ears here. If you don’t use any of the other Pokemon party game ideas, use this one!

Pokemon Pikachu Pizzas

Pikachu Pizza Making

If you’re looking at doing a lunch or dinner time Pokemon party, Pikachu Pizza making is a great time filler! You make this a Pokemon Party activity by giving it a cute Pokemon name…it’s all about the theme. With a little adult help, kids will be thrilled to put sauce, cheese, and pepperoni on their pizzas and eat their yummy creations at the end.

PRO PARTY PLANNING TIP: If you purchase pre-made crusts, it’ll make the pizza-making much easier on you, the host.

Pokemon Party Activity Materials for Pikachu Pizzas:

  • Pre-made pizza crusts (like these)
  • Pizza sauce
  • Shredded mozerella
  • Pepperoni
  • Chopped peppers, mushrooms, spinach, etc.
Pokemon party game idea: Play a minute to win it balance game with popsicles and dice!

Pokemon party game idea: Play a minute to win it balance game with popsicles and dice!


Pokemon Balance Training

As one of our stations, we played this Minute to win it style dice game. Pokemon Trainers need good balance to catch them all! To play this Pokemon party game, the kids put a large Popsicle stick in their mouths to see how many dice they can stack on top without the dice falling over.

Balance Training Pokemon Party Game Materials:

Team Rocket Target Practice - Pokemon Party Game

Use a poster of your favorite Pokemon Team Rocket characters for nerf gun target practice for this Pokemon Party Game. A sliding glass door is the perfect place for the Nerf suction cups to stick.

Beat Team Rocket Target Practice

The kids flocked to this Pokemon party game idea. It WAS pretty fun. We printed out a picture of Team Rocket (characters from the Pokemon animated TV show, available in the party pack) and taped it to the inside of our sliding glass door. The kids use a suction cup nerf gun (buy it here) to shoot darts at Team Rocket.

Pokemon Party Game Materials for Team Rocket Target Practice:

Pokemon Team Rocket Target Practice

At our party, Jesse from Team Rocket assisted with the weaponry. It’s a good idea to have a bit of adult supervision on this Pokemon party game. The goal? The Pokemon Trainer with most Nerf gun darts to stick wins!

Also, You need to get yourself a Jesse or James for your party. All you need is a wig (buy here) and a t-shirt (buy here) and you have some walking Pokemon party decor and a really fun party host.

Pokemon Party activity idea: fishing for Pokemon

Magnets and Pokemon mini figurines let kids fish for Pokemon in this Pokemon Party activity.

Fishing for Pokemon

This Pokemon Party game idea was basically the classic fishing game with a pole and small objects to pick up that we renamed for our Pokemon Party. Magnets were glued to Pokemon critters in a “pond”.  A dowel rod was tied with a piece of yarn; the yarn had and another magnet on the end to pick up the Pokemon in the pond.

This set up does not have to be complicated–we used a plastic box. Sometimes mom gets tired at the end of party planning and grabs what is available. You can use a bucket, a kiddie pool, or scatter them over the floor or yard like in this fishing game.

Fishing Pokemon Party Game Materials:

  • Dowel rod
  • Yarn
  • Small magnets (buy here)
  • Small Pokemon characters (buy here)
  • Hot glue
  • Kiddie pool or large plastic box
Pokemon Evolve a Pokemon Party game

Keep your Pokemon Trainers busy with a “Make your own Pokemon” Pokemon Party activity.

Pokemon Party Activity: Make Your Own Pokemon

Kids LOVE craft projects. And the less structure, the more they seem to like it. The idea behind this Pokemon Party activity is that they are “evolving” a Pokemon from the bits of things on the table. Pokemon party games via random craft supplies, y’all.

pokemon making

Provide pom poms, pipe cleaner, googly eyes and other crafty supplies and have the kids make up and name their own Pokemon creatures. They’ll come back with more than one Pokemon to show you!

Evolve a Pokemon Party Activity Materials:

  • Pom poms
  • Googly eyes
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Glue
  • Buttons
  • Beads
  • Or all in one kid craft supply packs (buy one here)

Find the Pokeballs

If you’re into Pokemon Go, this Pokemon Party game is kind of like going on a hunt for Pokeballs to fill up your stash. Or you can describe it as an Easter egg hunt…hide Pokeballs in the yard and have the kids go hunt for them. Have a good idea of how many you start with–four years later we were still finding Pokeballs in the yard! It has potential to be the game to keep on giving.

Make the Pokeballs by coloring half a ping pong ball (buy here) or practice plastic golf ball (buy it here) red and ring them around the center with a black magic marker. These don’t have to be perfectly perfect, the kids just have to get the idea. Sadly, the children played this game while I was cooking pizzas so I didn’t get a photo of this activity. But there were squeals from the yard, so I know they loved it!

Find the Pokeballs Pokemon Party Activity Materials:

  • Ping pong balls (buy them here)
  • Practice plastic golf ball (buy it here)
  • Red paint or red marker
  • Black paint or black marker


Pokemon Activity Sheets

In the middle of all the chaos, you might want them to settle a bit (like when they are waiting for their pizzas or as they arrive to the party).  A Pokemon activity sheet is the perfect way to get all your little trainers to have a bit of quiet time. (You can buy these individually here or as part of the set here.

Other Pokemon Party Game Ideas

These Pokemon party games suggestions are just a start! You can adapt any minute-to-win-it style game to entertain everyone during your party. Consider it “training” for your Pokemon trainers so they’re in tip top shape when they go out to catch all those Pokemon. Here are a few other Pokemon Party Game ideas you can make into your own Pokemon activity:

  • Balloon stomp game
  • Pin the tail on Pikachu — or a version thereof, like these available for purchase pre-made
  • Musical chairs to Pokemon theme music “Meowth’s Musical Chairs”
  • Twister with Pikachu – “Treeko Twister”
  • Water Balloon toss –  “Squirtle Splash”
  • Egg races – “Chancey Egg race”
  • Obstacle course

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Wednesday 15th of May 2019

[…] for this. Craft projects are also great for keeping kids engaged at parties! See the list of easy Pokemon party games and activities we had at our Pokemon party, complete with instructions and sources for […]

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