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DIY Pokemon Costumes for a Group

DIY Pokemon Costumes for a Group

A DIY Pokemon costume for a group might be just the answer if you’re need of an EASY group costume this year. It’s always a trial to figure out what to wear, then actually getting everyone in line to get the pre-agreed costumes can be HARD! But the group Pokemon costumes are super easy to make and they could even be a good excuse to get together for a costume crafting party.

These easy (like fifteen-minute) costumes are a a t-shirt and headband combo, so they’re easy on the wallet, too. A Cricut Machine is all you’ll need!

DIY Pikachu costume

In the Pokemon world, Pikachu is the crowd favorite. I am partial to the cute little yellow guy myself.

You can catch the tutorial and Cricut Design Space files for the shirt (and trick-or-treat bag) in the DIY Pikachu Costume post. You can find the DIY Pikachu ears post here to make the headband.

DIY Bulbasaur Costume

If you watched the Pokemon detective movie that recently came out, the Bulbasaurs were a big part of it! They are super adorable, and a perfect Pokemon costume for Halloween. Check out the DIY Bulbasaur costume post for further instructions on how to make it.

DIY Jigglypuff Costume

Jigglypuff is pink and it’s cute. I’ve even seen a few illustrations that put a bow on its ears if your Jigglypuff is extra girly. Check out the DIY Jigglypuff Costume post for Jigglypuff t-shirt, Jigglypuff ears and a pretty cool multi-purpose trick-or-treat bag.

DIY Ash Ketchum Costume

If you’re only dropping into Pokemon lore as a result of Pokemon GO, you might not be familiar with Ash as he’s from the Pokemon cartoons. (Go check your Netflix for some reference.) These are affiliate links, by the way. They don’t cost you anything, but help me pay server fees!

This DIY Ash Ketchum outfit is easy easy easy. No serious craft project, just three things:

Or, since Pokemon is mega popular again, you can also just buy a whole Ash Pokemon Trainer costume here without doing the piecemeal work. But what’s the fun in that?? Add a plush Pikachu if you don’t have a Pikachu-costumed friend along for the ride.

DIY Team Rocket Costumes

That’s Jesse and James you see in this picture, also from the cartoon. So easy to put together, and a super big hit with all the kids! You can find the wigs here and here. Iron vinyl onto white t-shirts for the “R”s and it is enough for a costume!

More Pokemon Costume Ideas

I’ve put together a HUGE list of Pokemon resources with tons of purchasable costumes with many of the other Pokemon characters. Check out the Pokemon Ideas post if what’s you’re looking for in a Pokemon costume isn’t here!

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