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How to Make Paper Poinsettias

How to Make Paper Poinsettias

Beautifully wrapped gifts are somehow just more special, aren’t they? Learning how to make paper poinsettias is great way to spruce up your Christmas packages and gifts. Plus, it doesn’t take a huge crafty skill level to pull these off. It’s mostly cutting and glueing, so even if you’re a craft novice, you can give these paper poinsettias a try!

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How to make paper poinsettias. Free paper poinsettia pattern included!

I’m a big fan of paper flowers, and am a little in love with these DIY paper poinsettias. Real poinsettias are actually native flowers to Florida, and they come in a few colors– lots of shades of pink, white and red. Any color you choose after you learn how to make a paper poinsettia or two is going to be good!

How to make paper poinsettias - and use them on gifts!

Paper poinsettias are perfect for creative Christmas gift wrapping.

How to Make Paper Poinsettias

The flower pieces do take some time to cut out; its’ a good sit-in-front-of-the-TV project. Grab the free paper poinsettia pattern in the links below. 

Paper Poinsettia Materials:

PAPER POINSETTIA UPDATE 6/2019: I have been introduced to the glory that is the Cricut Machine. If you want to skip cutting out your paper poinsettias by hand, you can download both the small and large paper poinsettias as PDF files and upload them to Cricut Design Space. The template will convert to use in the design program. The Cricut Machine will save you tons of time, and if you like making paper flowers, this is a crafty must-have! 

How to make paper poinsettias - cut out the free paper poinsettia patterns on card stock.

If you aren’t going the Cricut Machine paper cutting route, the first thing you’ll want to do is print both pages of the free printable poinsettia template onto your colored cardstock.  Get comfy and cut out the petal shapes printed on the papers.

How to make paper poinsettias - bone folders are perfect for hand scoring.

Using a bone folder (or something with a sharp point that won’t cut paper) score each one of the petals you’ve cut out.

How to make paper poinsettias - pinch the petals to make them 3 dimensional

Bend each of the paper poinsettia petals in half. This will give your flowers some dimension.

How to make paper poinsettias - layer the petals by size first

From here, we’re just going to be stacking up our paper poinsettia petals at right angles to each other. First stack the petals in pairs, large with large, and small with small as shown in the photo above. Use a small dot of glue or a glue dot in the center of each piece to stick them together.


How to make paper poinsettias - you'll need three layers of petals on each petal size

Add a third layer of petals on the paper poinsettias petal stacks. 

How to make paper poinsettias - add the small paper poinsettia petals on top of the large petals.

Glue the group of small petals to the group of large petals.

How to make paper poinsettias - glue for the center

Now we’re going to make the paper poinsettia centers! Put a dot of hot glue in the center of your poinsettia.

How to make paper poinsettias - gold seed beads make a beautiful poinsettia center

Pour your beads over top of the bubble of glue and press them in to form a mound. Sweep away the excess beads. 


Wrapping Super Cool Gifts with Paper Poinsettias

The custom wrapping paper I used was a total surprise. I ordered it from Shutterfly, not thinking that it was going to be so wonderful. The kids went crazy for their photos on the paper, and the paper-o-file in me totally delighted in its quality feel. And it looks pretty neat, too.


How to make paper poinsettias - perfect for Christmas gifts

PAPER POINSETTIAS IDEAS FOR WRAPPING: After I wrapped my gift, I banded the box with wide ribbon. I added the paper poinsettias to the box with a little hot glue.

How to make paper poinsettias - make them in pink, white or red!

Get crazy creative with these paper poinsettia flowers. They’re also great as decorations, not just packaging!

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