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Gone Fishing – A Fishing Matching Game

Gone Fishing – A Fishing Matching Game

We had a little bit of fun going to summer camp with Design Dazzle this month. I took the kids “fishing” and came up with these fun fun (free) printable fish to catch. All the supplies for this game are likely in your house already and the kids can totally get involved in helping to craft everything.

It’ll be a few hours of summer fun and possibly a little bit of peace and quiet while the kids play. My two loved this game this week and were playing with it constantly–the only thing that trumped it was the cardboard box that showed up!

Everyone can participate in cutting and lacing up the fish, with a grown up there to put on a few finishing touches. Once the game is made, little kids can be thrilled by catching the fish with their little fishing rods, and older children can be challenged by playing a matching game with the shapes and colors on the backs of the fish.

To have all this summer camp fun, you’ll need:

After you print the fish, you can make it an activity to cut them all out. There are 24 in all, so the help is likely to be welcome. After putting the white sides of the fish together and lining them up, take the hole puncher to the fish to create a fun lacing craft for the kids. To make this process easier, I wrapped a piece of tape around the end of my yarn so it would go easily through the holes.

I stuffed these little fish just a tiny bit so they would be more three dimensional; the scraps left over from cutting them out are just enough to plump them up. Before you tie off the lacing, put a little bit of stuffing on the inside.

The last step is to tie the loop on the fish. You’ll want to keep this loop on the short side; if it’s too long, it won’t stand up on its’ own and the kids will have a difficult time “catching” the fish.

The printables were designed with pairs of color/shaped fish. If just catching the fish is too easy, matching can be played to make it a little more challenging.

The fishing rod to “catch” the fish is easy to make and relatively non-lethal (unless they become light sabers like they did at my house.) Bend a paperclip into the shape of a hook and use yarn to attach it to a dowl rod. I’d recommend keeping the string on the shorter side to make it easier to catch fish if your kids are younger and still working on those hand eye coordination skills.

Happy fishing!

Paula Biggs

Owner at Frog Prince Paperie
Paula Biggs is a party planner, DIY crafter, and owner of Frog Prince Paperie, where you can find hundreds of party, craft and lifestyle ideas.

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