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DIY Skeleton Fairies for Halloween

DIY Skeleton Fairies for Halloween

Don’t you love all the clever little things that come out at Halloween to make it fun? Whimsical skeleton fairies are a perfect DIY Halloween craft absolutely anyone can create.

I’ve loved putting them all over the house. Since they were so inexpensive to make, I tried them a few different ways. First, my skeleton fairies were bone white to fit into a start black and white table display. Then they went NEON! 

DIY skeleton fairies in neon colors

The neon set is amazingly fun. Hard not to crack a grin when you see one of the little skeleton fairies flitting about somewhere obscure in the house. 

Neon skeleton fairies - diy halloween decor

How to make a Skeleton Fairy

The best place to source butterfly wings and skeleton garlands are at the dollar store…where things are a dollar. The garlands come with four skeletons per string. I am totally on your wavelength if that trip is too much and you’d rather just Amazon it even though they’re a bit more (we are soulmates in this, I promise) so I’m dropping the link for the garlands I’m referring to in the material list. 

DIY Skeleton Fairies for Halloween

DIY Skeleton Fairies for Halloween



After you’ve wrestled with getting the little skeletons off their paper board--this took me more time than I’ll admit to--take a sharp pair of scissors and completely cut the loop off the top of each skull you plan to paint. 


Paint each skeleton solid white. Even if you plan to make them neon in the end. The neon paint needs a white base coat and will look gnarly without one. Use acrylic paint, as it will stick to the plastic a bit better than other varieties. 

FOR WHITE SKELETON FAIRIES: You’ll have to paint on 2-3 coats for solid coverage. Let the paint dry between coats. Patience isn’t my virtue, either, but trust the results will be better for your little fairies this way. 

FOR NEON SKELETON FAIRIES: After painting your white base coat, choose your favorite neon acrylic paint and settle in to put 4-5 coats on each skeleton. Neon paint tends to go on rather thin, so you will need to layer the paint up. That very last coat will be so worth it when the skeleton goes from looking sad to looking brilliant all of a sudden.

Because I have no patience, I nearly chucked the neons on this project because I just couldn’t get them to look good. Glad I stuck with them and kept on painting! 


The butterfly wings I purchased were plastic sheets I had to bend up a bit to get three dimensional.

You’ll find butterfly wings made from feathers, plastic, paper and lots of other materials. Make whatever you find work! 

To attach the wings to the skeleton, just dab a bit of hot glue or place a glue dot high on the back of the skeleton and press the wings on. If your butterfly wings have and insect body with antenna, you make need to remove this part before putting the wings with the skeleton. 

After the glue cools, you totally have the option of adding a little glitter, some rhinestones, maybe an LED light or two? Go crazy! 

And then there is the fun part after you’ve finished crafting…finding clever little spots to hide your Halloween skeleton fairies! You could send your kids on an Elf-on-the-Shelf style hunt for them all over the house. If you’re into that kind of thing that is. Sometimes the offhand enjoyment from finding these little tucked in secrets is a joy all its own.

Or you can make a clever display of DIY halloween decor that includes these darling little fairies.

Don’t feel stuck to using neon colors! They look grand in plain white as well. I made a half dozen or so in white for my front room. The kids loved looking for where they were placed and their antics. Perfect DIY Halloween decor!

Paula Biggs

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