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New Years Eve at Home with the Kids and Cricut

New Years Eve at Home with the Kids and Cricut

Being at home on New Year’s eve with the kids always seems like it’s going to be hard. Can you entertain them enough to make this memorable? Are they going to love New Year’s eve because of what you’re doing? Is anyone going to bother to stay up until midnight?

What I can say is that you can positively throw a little party at home with the kids and family on New Year’s Eve to celebrate and 1. make them enjoy the experience, and 2.  get them in bed when ever you choose.

Before they are old enough to go to New Year’s Eve parties on their own, just putting forth the effort to make a big deal (even a little deal) out of New Year’s Eve is a bonus in their book. Don’t underestimate yourselves, mommas!

If you have a Cricut Maker machine, making New Year’s Eve family fun is even easier! Here are a few things you can do to make New Year’s Eve at home with the kids completely amazing for everyone, even you!

make New Year’s eve a pajama party

A few years ago I threw a “ Putting 2015 to Bed” party for New Year’s Eve. We pajama partied down until the ball dropped. Really, we pajama partied down until mom decided she was too tired (ha ha!)

It wouldn’t be so funny if I was completely alone in that, I know most of us with kids don’t really want to stay up until midnight anymore, and our kids are monsters the next day if they see the clock strike 12.

Point is, making a pajama party out of your family evening makes it instantly festive! Costumes, fancy outfits or even a special pair of pajamas makes a party. These New Year’s Eve pajamas were made in about 10 minutes apiece! Completely worth the effort.

How to Make New Years Eve Pajamas

How to Make New Years Eve Pajamas

Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

Make New Year's Eve pajamas (or t-shirts) to celebrate the new year with your Cricut Machine.



  1. Cut the images out of vinyl. Don’t forget to mirror all the images before cutting!
  2. Weed using the Cricut Weeding tool.
  3. Place t-shirt on Cricut EasyPress Mat.
  4. Heat EasyPress 2 to recommended temperature for matrial/vinyl.
  5. Warm up the t-shirt with the EasyPress for 15 seconds.
  6. Place your black pieces of vinyl down first, centering on the t-shirt, with the top of the design three finger lengths down from the neck of the shirt. Press with the EasyPress and let cool. Peel off the carrier sheet.
  7. Position the silver pieces of vinyl over the pressed black pieces. Replace the silver carrier sheet to protect the already pressed vinyl. Press with the EasyPress and let cool. Peel off the carrier sheet.
  8. Your project is ready to wear!

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Parties are more fun with a hat

Isn’t it funny how parties just seem to be a little bit more fun when you’re wearing a costume? Party hats on New Year’s eve are sort of a requisite costume. You have to have it!  Here are two party hat designs – one cone party hat and one tiara – but you can make them at home on your Cricut to make an New Year’s Eve at home with the kids a little more fun. I’m giving instructions for the colors we used, but feel free to use whatever happens to be in your scrap stash!

New Years Eve Party Hats with Cricut

New Years Eve Party Hats with Cricut

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes

Two party hat designs – one cone party hat and one tiara – but you can make them at home on your Cricut to make an New Year's Eve at home with the kids a little more fun.



Cut out all the bits and pieces. The base hats should be out of card stock, the pieces that stick onto the hat should be vinyl on the tiara. It’s OK if you stick with glitter card stock for the cone party hat as it is only one piece unless you decide to do all the stars.


For the cone party hat, roll the fringe bit of party foil into a tight circle and tape around the base. 

Hot glue the star to the front of the hat, Hot glue the fringed to piece to it to the inside of the party hat.

Once the glue is set, gently roll the hat together and insert the hooks into the pre-cut holes. To make sure everything stays put, I like to run a bead of hot glue along the inside of the seam of the hat.

If that cone hat does not look decorated enough for you, add stars or other pieces until it’s perfect.


For the DIY New Year's Eve tiara, Use transfer tape to put the vinyl flourish and "Happy New Year" onto the black cat piece.

Hot glue wires to the back of the stars, then hot glue the wired stars onto the back of the tiara piece.

Use the tab strips to glue to the headband. Are used the middle two Tabs to fasten to the headband, then glued the edges of the tiara piece directly to the headband.

Cupcakes make new year’s eve party

Julia Childs is known for saying ” a party without cake is just a meeting.” Stands to reason that if you’re throwing the kids party, you need to have cake. Use the pattern from the “Best Year Ever” t-shirt to make some cute cupcake toppers.

New Year’s Eve Party Activities with kids

In the hours leading up until bedtime, keep the kids in a party mood with a few activities!

Make noisemakers together. These easy noisemakers are some of the kid favorites.

Start a new tradition of a time capsule that gets packed away with the Christmas decorations each year not to be seen til next year.  Help them jot down a few holiday memories and sign their names (because their signatures are so different year to year.) Put a few pictures of the outside of the house and their rooms and maybe a tiny present to themselves for the next year in the capsule, too. Put it all into a festively wrapped shoe box and dramatically seal it shut to await it’s opening when Christmas comes out again.

DIY Clear New Year's Eve Favor Boxes with Cricut

DIY Clear New Year's Eve Favor Boxes with Cricut

diy party favor boxes


Open up the project file in Design Space and click "Make it." Place a sheet of the foil acetate on the cutting mat and feed it into the Cricut Maker machine. Place the Scoring Wheel into the machine. Choose "Foil Acetate" from the list of materials to cut, then your blinking C should appear!

The file will first score the acetate with the scoring will. The machine will pause after it's finished scoring and ask you to change out the scoring wheel for the fine point blade. After you make the switch, hit the blinking "C" again and the box will be cut out.

The acetate sheets actually have a clear film on them to keep the plastic from getting scratched up in the package. You're going to want to remove this before you fold it up.

It's going to be tempting to fold them up right away, but have to tell you it is much easier to put vinyl on a flat box than a folded one!

Keep the fine point blade in your Cricut Maker and cut out the vinyl numbers. Do as many or few of these as suits your party plans.

After you weed the vinyl, use transfer tape to adhere each number to each box.

Now you can fold them up! I added a few glue dots to the flaps to keep the box together. Fill them full of treats or use these to play a New Year's Eve game!

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Set up a few boxes to be opened hourly with a funny activity in it (take a picture of your sister standing on her head, touch your tongue to your nose, do a creative interpretive dance to Bohemian Rhapsody, etc. etc.). You’ll have the chance to get really creative and I PROMISE your kids will love the chance to be silly with the family. See how to make these boxes below!

Watch the ball drop…in London. That staying up late thing is really not for me…I much prefer to be in bed at midnight. If you don’t care to see the very first minute of the new year in your time zone, opt to stream the ball dropping in London a full 6 hours earlier. Your celebration will be had, and sleep as well!

enjoy each other

More than anything, if you have the chance to spend New Year’s Eve crashed out on the couch or crafting with your kids, take advantage of the together time and build a few memories! They won’t party at home for long!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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