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Handmade Holiday – Chalkboard Jar and Sweet Tidings

Handmade Holiday – Chalkboard Jar and Sweet Tidings


It’s that time of year! We have to start thinking towards the holidays and all that it means–decorating, baking, parties and lots of gift giving. My list of people I want to remember seems to get longer every year, and my budget for gifting seems to remain the same. So to stretch those dollars, I do something with some DIY flair that looks impressive, but is affordable enough to give many of to friends and neighbors. Glass jars with a little chalkboard addition make an excellent gift–especially when filled with home made fudge and marshmallows. These aren’t just gifts for neighbors, they make great teacher gifts as well! And to finish off your jars, I’m offering a few free printable tags from the Handmade Holiday Party Hop. Scroll down to download!

chalkboard jar-1

These chalkboard jars are really a quick and easy project. The chalkboard paint is widely available at craft stores.

Chalkboard Jar Materials:

  • Glass Jar
  • Blue painter’s tape
  • Chalkboard paint

chalkboard jar-2

Mark off a rectangle on the front of your glass jar using the painter’s tape. Apply several coats of chalkboard paint until the paint is completely opaque.

chalkboard jar-3

Carefully (very carefully!) peel off the painter’s tape. I like to have my exacto knife handy when I do this to cut any paint that wants to hand onto the tape so it all comes out with nice clean lines.

chalkboard jar-4

If you don’t want to use a regular old stick of chalk, they do make chalk pens to write on your chalkboard. These are the same kind of pens you see restaurants use to write on their specials boards.

You’ll also want to fill your jar with something fun! I layered fudge, peppermints, and homemade marshmallows in my jars. I love the way it looks! I tied ribbon around the rims of my jars; that’s optional of course, but makes a nice finish.

chalkboard jar-7chalkboard jar-8chalkboard jar-6


I just love a pretty hang tag for my gifts, especially gifts that are big on DIY effort. You can download these “Sweet Tidings of Joy” tags in 2 inch circles, 3 inch circles and square tags as free printable gift tags here.

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Paula Biggs

Owner at Frog Prince Paperie
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