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Party Activities for the Teenage Crowd

Party Activities for the Teenage Crowd


Planning some party games for the teen in your life might garner an eye roll, but party games still remain a fabulous way to break the ice among guests and get the party moving towards legendary status. And teenagers love party games, even if they are too cool to admit to it.

Of course, finding age appropriate games and ones engaging enough for teens is a task in itself, but we have a few to help get the party started–even some with a Twilight theme.


Mind reading

Our favorite sparkly vampire liked to peek inside other minds a bit, so we dedicate this game to him. The host of the party should come up with a list of questions before the party for one of their unsuspecting guests. Make sure the questions are fun or silly, like “where would you most like to take a vacation” or “if you were an m & m what color would you be?”  Hand everyone slips of paper to play the game. Choose so me one to be the “victim” for each round. All the other guests will try to read their mind for the answer and write down what they think they will say. After everyone writes down their answers, everyone shows them at once. The mind reader with the most correct answers wins.


Make a pass

This is a team game. Split up your group into two teams and make them form lines. Hand them a round object -a ball, apple, orange, etc. at one end of the line. Ask them to pass the ball along to the end of the line…without using their hands.

Photo booth fun

Even the most sullen of teenagers can’t resist the party staple photo booth. Make a vampire werewolf party photo booth a little more fun with theme appropriate props like fangs on a stick, werewolf gloves and masks.

Paper Plate Artists

This one is a pleaser for people of all ages. Hand everyone a paper plate and a pen. Tell them to put the paper plate on top of their heads, then describe the picture you want them to draw. For a Halloween party, try asking for a jack-o-lantern on the steps of a house with a ghost. When you call time, everyone shows their pictures and has a good laugh.

Guess that Celebrity

As guests arrive, pin a printed out picture of a teen idol to their back (each guest should receive a different picture). The guests have to ask questions about the person pinned to their back in order to guess who it is–but can only ask each of the other guests 3 questions. The first to name their celebrity correctly wins.


After grouping up into teams of three, hand out two rolls of toilet paper to each team. On the count of three everyone starts wrapping up the chosen “mummy” for their team. Whichever team finishes emptying their toilet paper rolls first wins!

Paula Biggs

Owner at Frog Prince Paperie
Paula Biggs is a party planner, DIY crafter, and owner of Frog Prince Paperie, where you can find hundreds of party, craft and lifestyle ideas.

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Zorica Spirovska

Saturday 21st of October 2017

Useful ideas for daughter Helloween party:) LOVE IT;-)

Florence Keenan

Sunday 17th of November 2013

Love the mind reading and photo booth ideas, particularly if everyone had lips on a stick to pose with. What a great party ice-breaker!

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Wednesday 11th of February 2015

Didn't know the forum rules allowed such brilliant posts.