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Paw Patrol Party Ideas for Moms in a Hurry

Paw Patrol Party Ideas for Moms in a Hurry

Mom! Your Paw Patrol enthusiast HAS to have a Paw Patrol Party for their next birthday! And you need ideas…STAT. Lucky for you, I’ve got your back. Here’s a slew of Paw Patrol birthday party ideas where you can literally zip over to Amazon and get 95% of what you need, have it delivered to your front door and throw the party of your Paw Patrol lover’s dreams. Make this one easy on yourself!

Paw patrol Birthday party ideas for your Paw Patrol Party!

Paw Patrol party ideas for moms in a hurry!

Before I show you any more amazing pictures, I’m going to list for you right here what I used to set up this party’s decoration so you can see upfront what’s in the party and how easy it’s going to be to put an amazing Paw Patrol birthday party together.

Paw patrol party ideas for a Paw Patrol birthday, tablescape and cake table

The Paw Patrol Party Tablescape

The Paw Patrol Birthday Party Cake Table

Some party supplies you may have at home already, some you may need to pick up. You’ll definitely have to head to the store to get a cake and snacks and drinks, but the rest can come to you in a box.

Paw patrol party tablescape ideas for birthdays

Minimal DIY at this Paw Patrol Party–buy most of the items, then add a few fun touches!

Paw Patrol Birthday Party Tablescape

After my box-o-party supplies from Amazon arrived, putting together this table was pretty straight forward. I had a red tablecloth so that’s what I used, but if you don’t have cloth buy a red plastic tablecloth at the dollar store and it will work just fine.

Paw patrol party ideas for place settings. Customize your Paw Patrol Birthday Party!

Purchased Paw Patrol napkins and plates. Add a scrapbook paper paw print placemat, and use a sharpie for custom forks.

The Paw Patrol plates and napkins are a must! I made place mats with the Paw Patrol shield with my Cricut machine (this can easily be cut out by hand) and added the Paw Patrol catch phrase to the bottom.

Paw patrol party ideas for place settings

The place mats were all different colors! It made for a more interesting table.

Paw patrol party ideas for place settings--custom forks!

Customize your Paw Patrol birthday with a Sharpie!

An EASY detail you can add to your settings is customized forks. Use a sharpie marker to draw a little paw print on the handles, and you have yourself something special.

Paw patrol party ideas for name cards

Kids love having their names on party stuff!

Amazon has these great hard plastic cups in the Paw Patrol theme. They make them in both red and purple, in case girls at the party are a little sensitive to their cup’s coloring. Pop in a stripey straw and add a bone with each child’s name to make perfect little place cards for your Paw Patrol party.

Paw patrol birthday party ideas - Rubble Construction hat DIY

I think these party hats are my favorite detail. Kids that love Paw Patrol are of the age that they LOVE dressing up as their favorite characters. A cheapie construction helmet, a sticker and some paper ears make this into “Rumble’s” construction hat. See the tutorial and get the files to make these Rumble Construction hats for Paw Patrol birthday parties yourself here.

Paw patrol birthday party ideas - Marshall fireman hat DIY idea!

You can do the same for Marshall with fireman hat.

Paw patrol birthday party centerpiece ideas

The Paw Patrol Swirl Party Decor piece comes with 12 different items in it. Shields, paw prints, and lots of these fun metallic swirls. My ceilings are way too high to hang anything from, so I used them to make a centerpiece for the table!

Paw patrol birthday party ideas - use purchase items and add DIY flair!

Hot glue and bamboo skewers are all you need.

How to Set Up a Paw Patrol Party Cake Table

Notice I said cake table, not dessert table. Dialing back the sugar here…one cake for the kids is plenty!

Paw patrol party cake topper ideas for birthdays

Since there’s only the one sweet being offered to the kids, we’ll make it special.

Paw patrol party cake topper for birthdays

Paw patrol party cake ideas for a DIY paw print cake

This cake takes FIVE MINUTES — seriously!!

This cake was bought already made and frosted. I only added the m&m paw prints and used some more of those pieces from the Paw Patrol Swirl Decor set to make a cake topper. All told, the Paw Patrol Cake was about a 5 minute effort. Pretty cute for not a lot of time investment! Get the tutorial for the Five Minute Paw Patrol Cake here!

Paw patrol party ideas for birthdays - add a Marshall plush to decorate with!

Kids LOVE seeing stuffed animals as decorations–pick up your Paw Patrol’s fan’s favorite character for your Paw Patrol birthday party.

Another thing that I’ve gotten into the habit of doing when I create a licensed character party is to use stuffed animals as decorations. They’re a great gift to the birthday boy/girl after, and they really make the space full and festive.

Paw patrol party ideas for birthdays, add a plush toy for decor!

Above the cake is a personalized shield and tissue paper fans–you can buy the paper fans, and get the shield printed–email me for details!

Paw Patrol Party Games

The 2-5 year old set need a fairly loose schedule of party games and activities. They will ignore your carefully planned activities and just go PLAY unless you stay on top of them. I’d recommend only 2-3 activities in an hour and a half to two hour party. Here are a couple of ideas:

Color your own Paw Patrol Shield

Cut out (or use your Cricut) shield shapes and leave them out with a few crayons or markers so kids have a chance to be creative. Tie them to a beaded necklace and they can wear them around the party. This is perfect as an ice breaker activity as the kids are arriving to the party.

Mission: Treasure Recovery

Send the kids on a mission! Hide a box of small party favors, like these at Amazon, and give the kids three clues to the whereabouts of the lost box. Their mission is search and recovery–and it’s a big win to get prizes at the end!

Other Puppy Party Ideas

If all else fails, wear them out. Obstacle courses are a great way to do this, and are easy to set up in the back yard. Check out this post for more puppy-themed party activity ideas.

Paw Patrol Party Favors

Wrap up the party with a few party favors. Fill up treat bags with a few Paw Patrol goodies. There are tons at Amazon!

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Karen McLaughlin

Wednesday 3rd of August 2022

Hi thanks for the great ideas for a paw patrol party. Can you let me know how to get the personalised shield? Thanks , Karen

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Sandra L Garth

Tuesday 29th of August 2017

Our grandson will be 3 in November and he would adore this! Thanks for the suggestions and inspiration.

Geri Leatherbury

Sunday 27th of August 2017

What a fantastic party! So colorful and what child doesn't want to be a fireman?