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Easy Paw Patrol Cake DIY in Just Ten Minutes

Easy Paw Patrol Cake DIY in Just Ten Minutes

You want to take less than ten minutes to assemble a super cute and EASY Paw Patrol party cake? When I put together this DIY Paw Patrol cake and the Paw Patrol Party I put together, I kept the busy mom in mind. It uses a pre-made cake (which are more inexpensive than you think!) and items you can pick up at your favorite superstore or order on Amazon. Read on for how to make a Paw Patrol cake in a jiff!

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How to make a Paw Patrol Cake - an easy DIY Paw Patrol birthday cake to make in minutes!

How to make a Paw Patrol Cake – the easy way

Before you go to your local superstore for Paw Patrol party supplies, call ahead to their bakery and put in an order for your cake. Ask for their double layer 9-inch cake all in white with no decorations other than the piping around the bottom and top. I paid around $12.50 for mine…which to me is SO WORTH not having to bake the cake, make the frosting and clean up the kitchen. When you head to the store, pick up:

  • 9″ double layer cake, no decorations
  • One package Paw Patrol Swirl Party Décor (or buy it here)
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Mini M&Ms
  • Regular M&Ms

How to make a Paw Patrol Cake - an easy DIY Paw Patrol birthday cake

The DIY Paw Patrol Cake Topper

I like adding small touches of characters at parties instead of having them all over everything. The cake is a good place for characters; it always ends up in all the pictures!  When you buy the Paw Patrol Swirl Party Décor package, there are six cut outs and six metallic swirls that come with it. (Read: no printing, no cutting!)

All you’re going to have to do is take your bamboo skewers and glue a few to the back of the the Paw Patrol cut outs and whichever swirls you choose. I picked one of the Paw Patrol pups, some paw prints and two swirls.

After your glue is all set, arrange the skewers/cut outs on the table how you’d like to see them on the cake. Cut the skewers down if necessary so they will not be too long for the arrangement on the cake.

Place your skewers into the top of the cake when you’re done!

How to make a Paw Patrol Cake - an easy DIY Paw Patrol birthday cake to with M&Ms and pre-made graphics

DIY Paw Prints

There is no frosting on your part involved in this DIY cake. You’re just going use a few M&Ms on your pre-frosted grocery store cake. The Paw Patrol paw prints have three circles at the top and one large one at the bottom–use one large M&M and three mini M&Ms per paw print.

Sort the M&Ms by grouping of the one large and three minis of the same color. To make the paw prints, press each group of M&Ms into the side of the cake as shown in the photo above, making paw prints all the way around the cake. If your cake is fresh, the frosting will still be soft enough to do this. Bonus: you will probably have LOTS of M&Ms left, so there will be plenty to wrap up for Paw Patrol party favors after.

To summarize how to make a Paw Patrol cake: M&Ms on the cake, cut outs on the sticks, sticks in the cake. On the high end, it should take about 10 minutes for assembly of the entire Paw Patrol Cake. Keep this easy DIY in your pocket for your next puppy or Paw Patrol Party!

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Paula Biggs

Owner at Frog Prince Paperie
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This was so helpful! I used this for my daughter and it was, like you said, EASY! Thank you!

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Sandra L Garth

Tuesday 29th of August 2017

How adorable is this! I've been a cake decorator for a long time but I love a cute and easy shortcut.